Monday, July 25, 2011

A perfect chandelier for my WALL!

I always want a chandelier in my living room, but never own one because the beautiful one is too expensive and the cheaper one is just not right.  I came across a DIY tutorial the other day on making a wall light by repurposing an old led running light.  That give a spark in my mind.

Easy DIY Wall Chandelier

Things you need:-

1.  print out an image of any Chandelier of your choice.
2.  enlarge the image to the size you prefer (mine is A2).  I get the help from a photocopy shop, they charge me RM1.50 per piece (maybe about USD0.40)  for the print out.
3. An old photo frame and canvas (have to be able to fit in the enlarge image)
4.  Something to sharp to pop hole on the canvas. (I use a joss see why later...)
5.  Some glitter, artificial gem stone or sequin (this will make your chanddy look more sparkle when the light is on)


1.  First I spray the frame and canvas with silver (it can be any color that match the wall you want to display the wall art.
2.  Then I decoupage the image onto the canvas (this is shortcut.. I want the chanddy..and I want it fast ( the lazy way).. you can transfer the print by trancing the image onto the canvas...)
3.  I pop hole on the image where I want the led light to show by using the joss stick (ofcourse.. you need to burn if first)... it will melt the canvas easily and make a very small round hole, just nice for the led light to go thru.  (at this point, you may add in your artificial gem stone or sequin)

4. Tidy up the wire at the back of the canvas with tape.
5. Ready to switch on the light and show off your wall chandelier.

Happy Trying!!! :)

What do you think?  Do you ever DIY a chandelier?  I would be glad to see it!

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  3. That's awesome!
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  4. That's so pretty!

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  6. WOW I love it!!!!
    And wow how did you think that up!!!???
    Great job!! I want one!

  7. Very pretty! I love how it turned out. Thanks for linking up at I Made It! Monday at Ninth Street Notions. Can't wait to see what you have this next week!

  8. You win hands down on creatively making a wall chandelier!!!!

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  10. This looks AWESOME! Great job!


  11. It looks great...I'm working on making a chandelier for my room too...the led lights are a great idea!

  12. That is such and awesome idea! I might have to borrow it! Found you via Be Different, Act Normal and am now a follower.

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  15. That is so very cool!! How creative. Awesome job :) Found you via the Fine Craft Guild Linky Party!

  16. This is Fantastic! Love the chandeliers.. but this is hands down the most original one I have seen! Love the lights~

  17. Wow, this chandelier looks fantastic! I do really like it. Though I have never tried to make one, you have inspired me!

  18. YOU REALLY did a wonderful job with this! This is ADORABLE!

  19. What a clever idea! Love the concept of a 2-D and lit up chandy! Cute.

  20. Hi PC!
    I'm always amazed by your creativity! The chandelier is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it at the Tuesday To Do Party!

  21. An accessory adds vibrance to the area, may it be a chandelier or ornament. This is what home builders Missouri as well as owners try to capture - the cozy look for homes. A chandelier not adds brightness to the area but it also adds appeal to the overall look of the room.

  22. can you tell me, how do you decoupage the picture onto the canvas? and how could you trace it on? sorry if that's a silly ?!

    1. Well I didn't trace the picture..instead I use the architecture photo print- 'photostat' into
      the size I want. I turn the A4 size picture into A1 size.


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