Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DY hand corsage for sister wedding day!

Received a request from my sister
to prepare some wrist corsage for her bridesmaids
on her wedding day!

So glad to have a good reason to craft again!
Congrats to my sister wedding
and Hooray for me!

I spend days browsing Pinterest for ideas...
but my sister prefer some simple and retro one...

I absolutely have no idea.

These are some of my "works" today...

What do you think?

Check out my tutorial on the 
ladybug here
bear here
ribbon roses here

Gotta get back to 'work'



Friday, October 10, 2014

3 old T-shirts = one new tops

Just sharing - Never fried your OREO if you really LOVE them!

Last weekend, my lovely niece told me that
she tasted a new snack when she visited
a snack bar after a show with her friend.

It's "Deep fried Oreo" and according to her
it's absolutely amazing!

My kids love Oreo and I love to try new stuff...

So, this afternoon we tried out that "recipe"
I goggled a little about the how to...
Sound super simple and easy

After few minutes...
The warm crunchy pieces are in front of the kids...

Excited with full 'expectation'!!!

The verdict...

Mom!!!! You SPOIL the our OREO!!!

It taste sweet but it LOOKS SAD!!!


No more Oreo frying!


love from me.... the Oreo's 'killer'

Good night.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My 42 birthday!

This morning when I checked Google
saw the page greet me with so many cakes...

so, I clicked on it...and only that I found out...
It's my birthday, today!

I've so many plans going on in my mind
days before...or months before the date come...

but I totally forgot about recently...
until this morning.

2014 started on well....
but after my first diy post...
the days turn so short...
from months to weeks,,,
from weeks to days..
from days to hours...
from seconds.

Times passed by so fast..
This year...Jojo is in Year 4.  Her school starts at 7.30am to 1.25pm.
And Mei Mei's school starts at 1.30pm to 6.30p.m.

And I'm fully occupied by both.
My free time only starts after dinner and finished every thing in the laundry.
That's about 9 something at night.

I flipped through Pinterest, my blog, other's
Facebook...and it's already getting 11p.m.

There are so much to do but so little time.
So, be patient for me.

I'll be back. I promised.
but now... I need to go...
The girls are waiting for me downstairs.

We are heading to the beach today!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Make your hip look thinner with one simple easy trick!


No kidding!

With one simple easy trick!
Just add a split at one side of your long tee...

Like this!

and remember to match it with dark color tights!

Hope this tip helps.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Trip to Finland ...experienced my first 24 hours of sunlight!

I've been away...

My hubby company send him to a short business trip to Oulu, Finland recently.
Never in my life would I thought of going to this beautiful land.

I was just showing my hubby regarding an igloo hotel in north part of Finland
where you can lay down on your bed and watch the Aurora during the winter.
(saw it in Pinterest)

The hotel rates is not to expensive...but travelling from Penang Island to Finland
may takes about 24 hours ++ and 3 transit in the airport.
 These will 'kill' any holiday mood!

And suddenly... My hubby replied 
"Dear, the company wants me to visit a plant there this Monday!' we go...

Share with you some pictures that we took during the short stay there...
My opinion about Finland?  Clean, Beautiful, Love the fresh air...
but...everything is soooooo expensive!

Please forgive me for not accepting reindeer for my dinner.
(It's the Santa's helpers...I just can't eat them!!!)

I hope one day
I will return to this wonderful place again
during the winter
The 'aurora' is too good to miss!

sharing this trip with

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The best and cheapest therapy for pressure ...

As you can see...
I 'lost' and 'loose' again...
(lost from blogging...loose , get beaten by pressure from life)

Life is so blue and the pressure is
getting from bad to worst.

The problem I have is nothing different from any
mom and wife and daughter in the world...

As a mom... there are so many things I want to teach my kids,
but sometimes... they have to make they own mistakes...
which repeated my order to grow and understand.
and I can only “wait and see"
This is pretty sad!

As a wife
We must always give and take
and most of the time
We just keep giving and
forgot about our worth.

As a daughter...
We started to feel and see
what our mom told us when we were young
but we are too busy to bother...
Now, we are old...and our parents even older...
We turn into them and they turn into..."someone else"!

I have a small chat with Jojo's classmate's mom...
We don't really know each other
and we never talk before

It's all started with a weak smile
and within seconds
we talked like we have known for years...

Telling each others our frustration and problems
begin with the kids and their school works
and soon into family and life.

The chat last for 20 minutes
after that

It's seem "lift away" my frustration and problems...
I feel so "light" in my heart like never before
All my "heart weight" seems gone...

Not because I figure out how to solve my problems...
But sometimes
It just "delightful"...
just to find out...
there are someone just like yourself...
out there...
or every where...
not too far...
by your side...

Don't you think?

When you are blue...
Just talk to someone!
It's really work!


Monday, March 24, 2014

MH 370...

I believe in miracle...
I believe in God...
and I choose to believe...
you are out there somewhere...
safe in God's hands.

No matters what the news said...
I will continue to pray and believe
you are out there...
and you will come back!