Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The best and cheapest therapy for pressure ...

As you can see...
I 'lost' and 'loose' again...
(lost from blogging...loose , get beaten by pressure from life)

Life is so blue and the pressure is
getting from bad to worst.

The problem I have is nothing different from any
mom and wife and daughter in the world...

As a mom... there are so many things I want to teach my kids,
but sometimes... they have to make they own mistakes...
which repeated my mistake...in order to grow and understand.
and I can only “wait and see"
This is pretty sad!

As a wife
We must always give and take
and most of the time
We just keep giving and
forgot about our worth.

As a daughter...
We started to feel and see
what our mom told us when we were young
but we are too busy to bother...
Now, we are old...and our parents even older...
We turn into them and they turn into..."someone else"!

I have a small chat with Jojo's classmate's mom...
We don't really know each other
and we never talk before

It's all started with a weak smile
and within seconds
we talked like we have known for years...

Telling each others our frustration and problems
begin with the kids and their school works
and soon into family and life.

The chat last for 20 minutes
after that

It's seem "lift away" my frustration and problems...
I feel so "light" in my heart like never before
All my "heart weight" seems gone...

Not because I figure out how to solve my problems...
But sometimes
It just "delightful"...
just to find out...
there are someone just like yourself...
out there...
or every where...
not too far...
by your side...

Don't you think?

When you are blue...
Just talk to someone!
It's really work!


Monday, March 24, 2014

MH 370...

I believe in miracle...
I believe in God...
and I choose to believe...
you are out there somewhere...
safe in God's hands.

No matters what the news said...
I will continue to pray and believe
you are out there...
and you will come back!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Mini 5 minutes project - Bread Tag reuse

Wow!  2014 is such a busy year...
My new year resolution is to blog more this year...
but hardly have the time to sit down...

But no matter how busy...
My urge to 'play' with 'trash' is never stop.

This is what I did today!

My hubby always get the wrong sauce during his meal time,
even though I have use the 'color' system...red for hot sauce and yellow for tomato...

So, this is my new attempt to make the kitchen more friendly to him!

See you,


Friday, January 10, 2014

Step by step from stone to gem!!! Shocking truth! Deadly fake gem!

My close friend forward this message to me!
So shocking but true.

Never buy gem stones / jade when you are on tour in Chixx
This is how they turn ordinary priceless stones into valuables jades and emeralds
by using some unknown hazardous chemical!
See for yourself!

#1 Plain natural stone

Soak in unknown hazardous chemical for 6 months!

#3  After 6 months,
the stones are taken out from the chemical and washed

"Hand painted"
In order every piece with different 'pattern'

Placed into high pressure machine to stabilized the 'gem' color and painted pattern!

The result 

Ready for sold!
This 'gem' bangles are sold for RMB70,000 ~ 80,000!!!

Some people really 'professional' when comes to making 'faux' items!

Take care


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Old Plastic Pot to Sea Stone Covered Pot!!! Tutorial

Yeah!  My first DIY on 2014.

I've lots of plastic pot in my garden...
Most of them came from my purchase of plants from the nursery...
Plastic pots are nice and cheap...but they don't stand long in
a hot and wet weather here...and they turn brittle very fast.

But...I don't give up or throw away things easily...
So, I turn them into these ...

I made this pot with some leftover grout and sea stone/sand I collected
during my visit at the beach.

This is how I begin.
#1 Mix the grout with some water...
the mixture need to be thick and sticky.
Spread the grout onto the pot....I've mine about 1cm thick!
(take note...the grout may fall off if the thickness is too thin!)

Hold the pot upside down when you do this,
it will be lot easier.

Move the pot side to side and spreading the grout as you go.

#2 - Pour the sand stone over the grout.
Press them firmly into the grout.

#3 - Dry them under the sun 


Cost ...

Old plastic pot from plants purchase - $0
Leftover grout - $0 ~ 0.50
Sand stone - Free

Hope you like it!



Yeah! First party for this year at... 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Melaka River Cruise

My trips to Melaka only last 2 days...
but the pictures I tooks is most than hundreds.

The town is too pretty...
Here are some of my favorite shoots during taking a river cruise
on my second day there.

The hotel in day time.

This is me!

This giant ship is actually a museum

The anchor caught Mei Mei attention!

The river cruise along the Melaka river

The boat for the cruise

 Most building were artfully painted which make the river cruise
more worthy to ride.

Those hanging there are the orchid plants.

There is a fun park by the river...The Pirate Park if not mistaken...
Unfortunately the park was closed for renovation when we were there.


Melaka River Side - Night view

This post is part 2 of my recent trip to Melaka during Christmas Holiday.

While my girls enjoy their bedtimes stories....actually is my parents in law 'old times' stories,
me and my hubby sneak out to have a walk by the Melaka river bank.

Melaka is a small place...not in measurement...but all the excitement
of sight seeing, food, leisure, shopping are all closely situated side by side...
What I mean is all the 'happenings' are just side by side the Melaka river.

So, never worry about renting a car while travelling in Melaka...
most of the exciting places can be reach by walking...or you may consider bicycle.
There are lots of guest house which offer bicycles renting service.

Here are some photos I managed to take during the walk.

The hotel by the river side

The hotel pool side

The hotel's fountain

The rotating tower.
You may take a ride up the tower for city view.

Yup..Hard Rock cafe is just beside.

Most of the building beside the river were converting into
guest house, pub and cafe.
You can enjoy a romantic candle light dinner here.

These are trishaw...(tricycle) can be rent by hourly...
but rather costly...RM20/ hour. max passenger 2 pax.

I'll be posting the day view of the river side view when
the whole family taking a river cruise trip on the next morning.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Countdown...to 2014

It's another 30 minutes to 2014...

So, before I say goodbye to 2013...
Let's recall what lovely events in 2013.

January 2013

Mei Mei joined primary school...
She achieved so much this year...
been selected as class monitor...
Being 4th in her class in her final 1st year exam.
Participate in solo singing competition and a runner in sports day.
and the best of all...
she makes so many new friends.

My new 'chores'.
Commit to prepare the kids 'bento' to school

and YUP!  I MADE IT!!!

February, 2013
The kids made a super nice Chinese New Year water painting
with 'blow paint' method...pretty easy and very pretty! Ha! Ha!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

March, 2013
celebrating MIL's birthday with my BIL and SIL.

April, 2013

Mei Mei sitting for her  1st exam in Year One.
Very tension...
Morning self study from 9am to 12pm...everday.

March, Mother's day

The girls used their saving money to buy some birds..
and release to nature...for Mother's day blessing.

June, 2013
Father'day celebration.

The girls were so much into pancake this month!!!
"Mom, we can actually make a cake within oven??!!!"

This is the 'cake' they made for Father's day!

June, 2013
Have a nice walk by the beach.

 July, 2013
Penang was so 'mad' about wall street art...
Every street was converted into art display gallery.

August, 2013

September, 2013
All activities were stopped, postponed,delay...
Jojo and Mei Mei final year exam preparation

October, 2013
Jojo and Mei Mei exam weeks.

November, 2013
School holiday starts!
Jojo managed to get 2nd in her class
and 19th over 350 Year Three students.

She is selected to be in Year 4 A class next year!
( I don't expect she to do so well...good luck, dear!)

December, 2013

First ever family trip ...
My MIL, FIL, two BIL and SIL...
fun, memorable...tired and full of loves.


Till, next year..
see you!