Saturday, May 21, 2011

Faux Mirror Mosaic Vase - Simple, Easy, Zero Cost + Child Proof!!!

How I came about a Faux Mirror Mosaic Vase - Simple, Easy, Zero Cost + Child Proof!!!

Background story...

Recently, I stopped by a wedding material store to get some ribbon supplies.   Then, I spotted a beautiful vase, something like below...(I wasn't allow to take photo inside the shop!)  And I love it so much...I didn't bought it because #1... it's too expensive for me..#2 it's not in the shopping list..#3 not such a good idea to have such a fragile display in house if you have young kids!...So, I passed it!

Mirrored Mosaic Glass
But the image of the vase keep flashing in my mind and soon I started to plan for a DIY version...I start my crazy search in the house for unused mirror..vase....browsing in the internet and hope to find a tutorial on how to make bad....I end up cancel the plan...because smashing and cutting mirror process is too messy and dangerous to be done when I don't have a proper work station.  

The plan was abandoned until last night when Mei Mei and Jojo having their favorite snack...chocolate biscuits.... I finally come out a solution for the mirrored mosaic vase...this is what I did...

I used ...

1.  Biscuit's wrapper
2. Some glue
3. Piece of cardboard
4. A PVC drinking bottle
5. Correction fluid Pen / White Paint Pen / 3D writting pen...whatever you have..

Draw some "crack lines" on the inner side of the wrapper

Sorry, I am not very good in 'cracking' the lines

Step #2         Glue the wrapper on the cardboard
Step #3         Cut the cardboard into size according to the bottle
Step #4         Wrap the PVC bottle with the completed cardboard
Step #5          Enjoy!

Not bad...I rate myself 70%...still need to improve on the crack line
..may be  a  fine paint pen will be  a better choice

Don't look good at close-up...

There you have it... this is my first trial....a faux mirror mosaic vase just to satisfy a desperate!

Thanks for visiting
Do share with me if you ever copy any of my project
or did a  better version
so I can feature your works here too!

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  1. don't be too hard on yourself...the finished project is very nice. What a clever, thrifty idea and it is safe to have around with your girls. You could make ornaments, frames, etc. using your idea. Smart!

  2. Wickedly clever idea! My hat is off to you.

  3. hey you gotta start somewhere with an idea right? And I never would have thought to try a wrapper! i love the thinking outside of the box, for sure. Keep it up, I think it looks good :)

  4. That came out so great! Thanks for visiting our blog. I'm going to look around at more of your projects.

  5. Hi, PC - this is super fun and clever! I think it looks amazing, and I LOVE your way of seeing things!

  6. Oh that is fantastic! Love your creativity! I might give something like that a go myself!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. Hi PC! You are just too sweet! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving such sweet comments-it totally makes my day! You are can NOT leave fragile stuff out when you have kids, and this vase look amazing! Great job!

  8. Very Cute!

  9. What a great idea!!!! I love it! Great job!

  10. Amazing!!! What a great idea!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Made by Little Hands Monday!! Older kids could do this too for teachers at the end of the year! Such a clever tutorial!

  11. Awesome & I love that it is kid-proof!! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  12. Wow, I never would have guessed that this was made of. Great fake faux glass technique.

  13. wow, this is a super creative project! i love the way it turned out :) and it looks great up close as well!

    Found you over at thrifty 101, stop by for a visit sometime


  14. ooooohhhh!!!!!!!!!! that's beautiful !!!

  15. Hey girl...thanks for linking up this week. I've had a blast co-hosting. This is a pretty cool technique...

  16. Very creative...and Thrifty! ;) Thanks for linking up at DIY Thrifty Thursday!

  17. This is such a creative idea. I really like this, especially since it's free! Very pretty. :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to the party! I featured you over at the Sunburnt Cow.


  18. I really like it!! Child proof is always a plus, too. Thanks for linking this to Wicked Awesome Wednesday.

  19. this is great...
    Don't forget to add it to our weekly party for our readers to discover.

  20. I love the faux cracks! You are obviously a lot more artistically inclined than I am...not sure I could have done it and have it turn out so well. Very cool idea!

  21. I agree with SuzieQ, don't be so hard on yourself, PC! You found a very creative way to get the look you wanted, at a price you could afford and was safe for your kids! That's what it's all about! Great job!

  22. I just saw this project on Carolyn's Homework blog...great job! Awesome idea

  23. Thank you for linking up to my Tuesday Confessional this week. You were featured, so be sure to grab a button!
    I hope to see you next week.


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