Sunday, September 1, 2013

Do you have this when you were kids?

When I was a kid, I have Lego blocked and teddy bear...but this DIY 'gun' is the best toy my dad ever made for me...(not mentioning the big kite...the rubber band skipping rope...etc)

This is the best 'weapon' for the combat games....and when my big brother and I watched the "Lone Ranger.....( I mean the black and white version!  The one which keep on repeating...Hi took me sometimes...what he actually means...I was too young to understand!). 

This is a very popular toy in my childhood time...Just wondering you have the same thing during your childhood....Our mom and dad may not have 'pinterest' or 'facebook' at that moment...but all mom and dad....have their 'mind' ....connected world wide...Right?

Now, I need to fabricate one of these my hubby coming up birthday...Shh...don't tell him...He will gone nuts to be able to 'reunion' with his old love!

Smile and stay calm.

(I know is hard to do...that's why we need to tell ourselves REPEATLY...Everyday!)

Love and kisses,


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  1. my parents didn't want us to play with agressive toys,n but we made a gun and a sword with al kinds of things we found :)


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