Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Minutes DIY : Old jeans to Pencilcase roll (No sew project)

It's close to the end of school season.
Mei Mei turns "Grumpy" today because she have some trouble
with her coloring pencils.

Well, the original paper case for the color pencil got wore off.
I offer her a small plastic drinking bottle to keep
all her color pencils but her still not happy.
The color pencils are all in various length and size.

However, Mei Mei still  prefer to have her color pencil 'display'
 in a proper manner when she used them.

Well, just my luck.
I saw a piece of old corduroy laying nearby,
(actually I plan to reused it for something else)

I cut a piece of fabric from the pants.

cut 2 row of tiny holes along the length

Now, everyone is lining up like a rainbow
Hope you like this impromptu DIY. 

Have a nice day and thanks for drop by.


PC & Mei Mei


  1. This is so awesome, PC! I'm glad Mei Mei got grumpy so you had to invent this brilliant thing.

  2. What a neat idea!! So simple - I love it!


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