Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Washi Tape ...Nail!

I'm never a 'girly' person even when I was young...
neither am I now...
I always complaint how much time my little sister spent on
her nails rather than school works or house chorus..., when I was 'playing' around with
my washi tape collection... 
I end up with this...

It only take a few fast minutes.

And it all started with this little roll of washi tape.
I bought it sometimes ago from a local DIY store.
10 rolls for MYR 2.90. 
(so cheap eh?  but the 10 pieces was packed in a package 
and you can't choose, mix and match, anyway, it still worth it)

I notice how nice the lace pattern looks
just like little crown...

And the next minute... I cut out about 2 inches of the 
tape and transfer it to a release paper...
Mei Mei and Jojo have a lot...from their sticker scrap, of course!

Then, I cut out the 'little adorable crown'
one by one...
make sure you have the release paper a bit larger than the washi tape
it would be helpful when you want to take them off the paper.

I cut a round shape like a scallop shape along the 'crown'...

And I have these cute result!
I trimmed the excess with a nail cutter.

How about that?
I don't know if any of you does this before...
I know ... it's weird..
But I'm too excited now..
thinking about how Mei Mei and Jo Jo would like to have 
they nails decorate with their favorite washi tape ...
(their school wouldn't allow colored nails)
No messy and easily remove too!
This would be super fun for them!!!

I's still too 'girly' for me..
I should take it off...

Or may let them hang it there for a while...

let's wait when I need to do the dishes tonight!

They are just too cute!


Appreciate you stop by today

Have a nice day


Let's party... 
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  1. How smart..PC you are a genius :)

  2. oh this is cool. how creative of you :)

  3. So pretty!!! I am very impatient when it comes to nails - this is instant gratification. Brilliant idea, PC!

  4. Cute idea! Too bad I know I can't find washi tape anywhere nearby. Great creativity. Found you via Creative Juice linky party.

  5. Very cute! I haven't seen Washi tape used like this before. I'd love for you to stop by Etcetorize to share your idea. ( Hope to see you there~

  6. Cute idea, not seen this before!

  7. Crazy interesting idea. Very creative. Tks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for sharing this with us this week at the Sunday Round Up Link Party.
    See you next week,
    Rose @

  9. LOVE THIS! SO PRETTY! I am pinning this to my washi tape board.
    Thanks for sharing at Sunday Round Up.

  10. This is seriously a fabulous idea!! Gotta find me some washi tape. I love doing my nails.

  11. We can't get enough of washi tape! This is a great idea!

    We loved having you at our Beautify It Monday party!

    -Four Sisters

  12. How stinking cute. I would love if you shared them on my link party.

    Can't wait to see what you make next.


  13. How easy and fun! If I could keep longer nails I'd be all over this :)

  14. Love this! Just darling.

  15. What a fabulous idea, quick, elegant, very chic!! I love it :) shonna c.

    1. Waww thats great idea, tks for sharing.


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