Friday, April 22, 2011

How to : Old Picture frame into display shelf / ledge

There was a time I was so crazy about display shelf to display some cute little things and photo frames.  I like shelf, especially the one without brackets, just neat and simple.  My imagination go wildly when I see all this shelfs or ledge make by others in the blogs...

   I could just bought from IKEA or some housewares shop.. but as I always... they are out of my budget.  So, I decide to DIY one of my own, and I found some nice pictures that show how to make one...

  But I don't have any material especial boards and wood pieces.  So, seem like I have to delay the plan of installing shelf until......... I found some wood panels (thrown out by the road during house renovation by the renovation workers) Some people junks are my treasure!  I also got a big frame given  by a recycle member in the kiddies Mei Mei go to... because they say they don't accept photo frame and somebody have threw it into the recycle bin.. well, just my luck!  While people feel on cloud nine when they strike lottery, I feel that when I got some junks to get crafty with!

  Well, I start working with the old picture frame I got.  It was an old old paint picture.

Method :-

1.  First I spray some silver paint on it to cover the old painting.
2.  Then I cut the whole thing across from side to side and I got this...

3.  Now, the ledge is ready... you just need to decide how to hang it.... depends the weight of the stuff you want to put .. you can use

4.  Screw in the frame hanger.  I always mark the place with a sharp scissor, or the screwing job can be a   lot easier. I place two of them, one on each end.

5.  You can repaint or decorate it anyway you want.  It's ready to hang anywhere you want.  About the wood panels... follow the story in part 2.  hehe! 

So, a 5 minute wood ledge from repurposing an old painting frame.  What do you think?
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  1. It looks beautiful!! Thank you so much for the beautiful comment you wrote on my blog!! Made my day!!! So happy you like my blog!! I do with a lot of passion and love!! And you are displaying my button!!!!! THANKS!!!

  2. Once again . . . amazing! I love how you don't let the lack of materials stop you! In fact, it seems to motivate you to come up with an alternative source for materials! So inspiring and the shelf is just lovely!


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