Saturday, April 23, 2011

Batu Ferringhi Beach : Fun under the sun!

Splash! Splash! At Batu Ferringhi!

Both my kids were born in Penang Island.  They never got the chance to run in the paddy field like her mom ;).   However, they have all the chances to run and play on the beaches there.  Penang Island is popular of her beaches... the most favorite by the tourist and locals is the Batu Ferringhi Beach.  It's take about 30 minutes from our Penang's home to the place.

The girls were so excited to be there.  They played in the sand and in the water.  They are not good in swimming, most of the time, they just run around by the beach like wild horses!

The best part of bringing out the girls to the beach is...they get very tired after the trip and go to bed much earlier than usual...This is good..because mom can have sometimes for blogging . He! He! :)

Love. PC

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