Thursday, September 20, 2012

Origami Babushka / Matryoshka doll

Here is the tutorial for the paper Babushka doll as promise...
Please bear with the quality of the pictures...
the weather has been unpredictable...

Sunny and cloudy on and off...

Now, start with a square shape paper
(I let them use the drawing paper, so it's easier to color)

Fold the paper in half as below to create a crease line in the center
flatted the paper again, fold the two corners at side
inward the crease line.

(please don't draw the dotted line... I just want to make the crease line clearer for you!)

You should have this as below

Then, turn the paper around and fold in the tip 

Like this...

Turn the paper back to the front

Cut about half way into the 2 corners at side
as mark in the dotted line below..
(again... the dotted line is just reference)

cut like this

This is what you should have now

Fold in the cut flaps to form the 'hair'

Cut away the excess...

Turn to the back again...

Fold the top tip and secure with glue

This is the front

Now, you can fold the 'hands'.


It don't have to be Babushka / Matryoshka doll...
It could be anything up to the little ones imagination...

such as

Japanese or Egyptian doll perhaps?

My favorite set...
have to be these...

Hope you enjoy doing this with your kids!


Jojo & PC
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  1. WOW I really love it, it's very easy to do.

  2. Totally great! I lovelovelove the Japanese and Egyptian versions, too - you could do dolls of the entire world! What would the Los Angeles doll look like?

  3. adorable! my son just got into origami, wonder if i can get him to try these for me!

  4. Great step by step!! These are darling

  5. So adorable! Thank so much for great tutorial.
    Have a look at my blog I'll be so happy.
    Have a nice day!

    Hugs from Portugal.

    Ana Love Craft

  6. what a cool idea, thanks for sharing

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  8. Your instructions are easy and clearer, thank you for this cool idea, i like matrioskas and kokeshi much

  9. Excellent project for me even! Hope you are well...this was posted on Fun Family Crafts awhile back. I didn't have internet access for awhile and am catching up on a backlog of craft blogs. Enjoy your blog and projects so much. Take care, PC.


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