Saturday, January 4, 2014

Old Plastic Pot to Sea Stone Covered Pot!!! Tutorial

Yeah!  My first DIY on 2014.

I've lots of plastic pot in my garden...
Most of them came from my purchase of plants from the nursery...
Plastic pots are nice and cheap...but they don't stand long in
a hot and wet weather here...and they turn brittle very fast.

But...I don't give up or throw away things easily...
So, I turn them into these ...

I made this pot with some leftover grout and sea stone/sand I collected
during my visit at the beach.

This is how I begin.
#1 Mix the grout with some water...
the mixture need to be thick and sticky.
Spread the grout onto the pot....I've mine about 1cm thick!
(take note...the grout may fall off if the thickness is too thin!)

Hold the pot upside down when you do this,
it will be lot easier.

Move the pot side to side and spreading the grout as you go.

#2 - Pour the sand stone over the grout.
Press them firmly into the grout.

#3 - Dry them under the sun 


Cost ...

Old plastic pot from plants purchase - $0
Leftover grout - $0 ~ 0.50
Sand stone - Free

Hope you like it!



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  1. Great idea, I really like it!
    XOXO Susann

  2. I am excited by this! I can't believe that terrible cheap plastic pot could become such a gorgeous planter!

  3. What an upgrade! And for a great price!

  4. Beautiful! What a great idea for left over grout!


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