Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Inject Excitement in Mundane Tasks!

Have we all experience a stage whereby we felt stagnant, bored, and listless or lack of enthusiasm on our day-to-day tasks?
This applies to stay at home moms or dads as well as working folks!
When we are confined to doing day-to-day repeated tasks with no creativity, growth or new development, learning or adventures; we easily get bored and unhappy with the mundane task we are “forced” to perform daily.
Therefore it is so important to keep things FRESH!
And how do we do that?
Here are some examples of injecting “freshness” in the ways we do our daily chores:
1. Pick up new languages and practice it daily with your child, colleagues, pen pals etc.
2. Learn and experiment with new recipes.
3. Pick another route and learn new routes.
4. Go to a different market to purchase your groceries. The unfamiliarity will inject some inconvenience for some, yet, it helps to keep your brain alert and away from auto-pilot mode; and most importantly start thinking and exploring again.
5. Try out different things or hobbies during a scheduled ME time. Try making your own mask, baking, cycling, soaking in bubble bath, write letters to friends or yourself, romp through your wardrobe and have a short mini fashion show session trying out all the clothes and matching attires like you never before!
Sounds fun? Do you feel the “excitement” now?
Injecting some excitement is like for any employees sending for training and refreshment courses. It will broaden up our perspective and allows some creativity and new learning mode to take place!
Are you gamed for some unconventional adventures?
What are the things you would do to inject back some excitement?
Shall we share the first 1-3 things that come to our mind?

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