Thursday, April 21, 2011

Making Little Changes and Create Significant Impact

Have you ever face inconveniences or unsatisfactory condition in life? And what action would you take when such incidents happened in your life?
Do you…
a)      Wait and see  whether things improves on its own
b)      Bear with it; then launch the volcano eruption when it
c)       Complain/Lament non-stop
d)      Be proactive, analyses the risk and makes the change(s)
Sometimes even little changes we make will not only ease our “discomfort” with the situation or event, it will also add the push and motivation to take proactive role in facing such situation.
For example,
Scenario 1:
Feel shy to approach a new friend or colleague.
Proactive: Reach out and take the initiative to start the conversation.
Impact: Made another friend and increase our social skills.
Personal experience: Making new friends and meeting strangers aren’t as scary as we thought to be!
Scenario 2:
Always in a rush early in the morning coupled with crying, unsettled kids throwing tantrums, etc.
Proactive: Wake up slightly earlier or prepare the things ahead the night before.
Impact: Unhurried morning routine and happy self + happy kids
Personal experience: Totally impressed how waking up 15 minutes earlier can make my day so much more pleasant and improves my morning routine with my kids; totally stress-free!
Scenario 3:
Unhappy with working condition, salary, job scope, etc.
Proactive: Change a new job, learn a new skill or go back to school to retrain and upgrade your skills.
Impact: A career change, a lifestyle transformed
Personal experience: There are more pros than cons in making changes in a career change when there’s nothing much you can improve current work condition. Weigh the calculated risk well against the pros; garner the support you need to move on and persevere.
There are many more such scenarios where we can make those little changes and create impact in our day if not our life!
How about making the life-changing action now by giving your comments on the first thought that comes into mind after reading this article? Giving your view is a way of acknowledging your thoughts and creates an impact to yourself and those who reads your comments.
Cheers and have an impactful day!

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