Thursday, April 21, 2011

How has Parenthood transformed my life...for better?

Jojo n me
Most would felt that parenthood does have its share of sacrifices to make. Along the way, we also pick up a lot of treasures. Some of them are as follows:
1.       I am more careful of:
a.       My THOUGHTS
b.      My ACTION
c.       MY WORDS

 Because more often than not, there are more than a pair of innocent eyes watching and feeling our every single actions, words and thoughts every single day!

2.       I am more tolerate of:
a.       Noises
b.      Dirty poos
c.       Piles of unwashed dishes, laundry,….you name it!
There is a saying that goes, “For the hand that rocks the cradle. Is the hand that rules the world.” This pair of hand used to be the one who runs away at the sight of poo when he or she is still single.

3.       I am more thoughtful of:
a.       Other noisy, sick or curious kids
b.      Preparing kids-friendly food during parties
c.       Arranging gatherings out of kids’ napping hour

There are more than one time where I was “helped” and “touched” by simple gestures from friends who are parents, ranging from a pot of pumpkin porridge prepared specially for my young children, a spare clean clothes to replace my kids soaking-wet clothes, etc. Thoughtfulness of a parent goes a long way!

4.       I am more organized in terms of:
a.       My time
b.      My travelling gear
c.       My travelling time and distance
Every minute, every item and every km counts when you have kid(s). Think of schooling kids, first aid kit, crying kids.

5.       I am more patient of:
a.       Answering endless repetitive questions
b.      Entertaining active kids
c.       Guests with kids who are late for gatherings
If you got no patience, you’ll either get heart-attack, hypertension or miserable life.
6.       I am more discipline of:
a.       Getting the kids and myself to wash our hands
b.      Getting the kids to sleep during routine bedtime
c.       Preparing healthy home-cooked meals; reducing or keeping away junk food and soft drinks
Parents play a big part as a good role model in everything they are telling their kids to do and not to do.
These are the additional gift of parenthood. Being a parent, we mold ourselves along the way.
How about you? What has parenthood brings to you?
Think about it and give thanks for the blessings!

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  1. I don't have any kids but have learned some practical things from your post.

    Your little ones are adorable.


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