Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to pinhole Mothers's Day Gift Card

Hi everyone!  Well, Mother's Day is just around the corner... have you decide how are you going to treat your mother this year?  Well, if you follow my blog, you may already know that I am going to wrap up a "Zip Necklace" for her mother's day gift this year.  Hmmm... but a nice thoughtful gift may need to attach with a nice and thoughtful gift tag too, don't you agreed?  Well, I am going to show you one of my favorite D.I.Y gift, I am not going to use glue.. cut and paste just not elegant enough for MOTHERS.... So,  let's "pin" one!

I'm not sure how you call this... but I don't want waste my time thinking a name for it... but if you have a better one.. please put in the comment box for me! (Thanks in advance... you save my day and some more extra spare time to craft... I'll promise to reward you with some more good one!)

Ok...The materials is very simple, I'm sure you have them right now..

1.  A piece of styreofoam (small piece will do)
2.  Some paper for the tag.
3.  Some sewing pins.. or paper clips, or needles, or safety pins... just anything with sharp end and be able to make pin hole.  ( The bigger the diameter of the pin... than the bigger the hole..And think paper to match with thin needle.. thicker paper like drawing paper.. it's better with babies safety pins..)

Method :-

1.  At first, you need to know what pattern, wordings or design you want to have on the tag.  The shape and size.  The size of the styreofoam have to be the same as the paper you using. (Don't worry .. it's real simple.. just follow through the below instructions... you can modify after you get the idea of making it!)

2.  You can draw the pattern, wordings on a piece of plain white paper or you can print out the design you wish or you can do it freehand...

print out the pattern you like
I draw a simple heart pattern with "MOM"

3.  Layer your design on top of the tag paper...(you can skip this if you do it freehand) with some sewing pins, to stable the paper position.

4.  Start using the pin and punch along the pattern outline.

5.  Keep going until you finished tracing the whole pattern outline.

6.  Now, you can remove the top layer paper.. and see the pattern from the inner side of the paper.

7.  You will get a very nice 3D pattern

8.  Cut the tag into the shape you prefer.

9.  By the way, do you notice that "MOM" is "WOW" when upside down?  Let's "WOW" her on this coming Mother's Day!

Take note :  As I mentioned before "different size of pin will create different size of pin hole and the effect will be different, see a simple comparison as below:-

Sewing pin give a softer look that a safety pin.. but safety pin punch easily if you are using thicker paper..
Well, since you have the tips and know how of this "pin punching" arts.. Why waste it?  How about a "pin punched paper lantern"?

Hope you will try this and having fun making it too!  See you again!  Don't forget to comments... pleaseeeeeeee!!

Love, PC

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  1. So beautiful!!!! I always love these, but have never made one. Maybe this year!! :o) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oh wow, great idea! I'd never thought of that but will definitely have to add it to my set of card ideas! :D

  3. i love the lantern specially,great idea my dear :)

  4. I had never made these...I wish to try if find time when i design Gift Card envelopes for gift card.


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