Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to DIY a bead crafts for your kids...without BEADS???

Hi, again.

The school holidays always seem too short for the kids and too long for moms..I mean ME!  After weeks playing in the house, outside the house..all over the the girls started to get bored...

So, today...I create a new activities for them...Help Mom housekeeping the kitchen!!!  To make the activities more exciting and rewarding...I promise they can keep one 'treasure' from whatever they come across during the job.

I purposely 'hide' some 'rewards' in few drawers the end..they seem to attracted to a bunch of old colorful straw and some odd shape bottles I kept in the shelf (Now, they REALLY found mom's JUNK  'treasure'!!!).  At first, they play pretend cooking with them and after few minutes...they get bored AGAIN!!!.

So, looking at the mess...What the heck..let's create SOME MORE MESS!!!  So, I introduce them to an "impromptu" project...err..craft...whatever to make them quiet for the next one hour at least!

So, I ask the girls to cut the straw into small short cubes

 Then I get some straw string from my storage...

There you go...a ZERO cost... Bead Crafts!!!!! Ta Daaaaaa....

 Have a nice day

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  1. how interesting! kids will love this fun,,keep rocking :)

  2. A fun way to keep the kids happy! You are a super creative mom as well as a creative crafter. I love the daisy chain ones - I have never seen anyone do them with straw beads, it looks so cute!

  3. @Michelle L.Dear Michelle, the possibilities to this simple project is endless...Ohhh..if I have more patience and time..haha!

  4. @CREATIVE MINDYes, the 'beads' goes really well on a hair band and as a key chain too..that will keep my girls busy for a while! Thanks for stop by! Love pc

  5. What a great idea! My daughter saw this link yesterday and wanted to come and look too! I've a feeling we'll be trying this out in the upcoming school holidays!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. o this is so fun!!! what a creative idea!! i totally love it

  7. Wow! What a simple, inexpensive and totally BRILLIANT idea! I'll be bookmarking this one!! Thanks!

  8. You amaze me lady! What a terrific idea! I love how you turn working into playing for your kids! The bead idea is great - featuring it on WWWW tomorrow! Thank you for linking up and showing your support! I appreciate you!


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