Sunday, June 26, 2011

Be grateful and enjoy what we have for free...

I kept this with me long ago... it was always in one of my teen years diaries.  I'm not sure who's the author, do let me know if you have the answer.  Just though I should share this nice piece with you all...


So many things in life are far,
Beyond our meager means.
A long hoped for vacation,
Just for a change of scenes.
A penthouse with a terrace,
That boast a lovely view.
A cottage by the seaside,
... Just dreams for me and you.

And yet is so much within
This world we can afford,
We all should welcome each new day, 
and no one should be bored.
For while it's true we might not get
To see a foreign land,
Or sail across the ocean
There's something just as grand.

And every bit as beautiful
Within each passing day
That only cost us something
If we let it slip away
Very much within our reach
And meant for us to share
One-in-a-lifetime moments
Encountered everywhere

A tender smile, a gentle touch,
Night wind through the trees,
Sunrise, sunset, autumn leaves,
What can compare with these?
Flower by roadside
A treasured memory.
I think the very best in life
Is what God gives for free.




  1. I'm so glad you shared this! I needed a bit of a reminder, today!

  2. Feels good to read this and try to be a better person. I want to want less! Thanks, PC!


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