Friday, June 10, 2011

A healthy treat for summer - Konnyaku Jelly!!!


Even though we don't have summer in Malaysia..or should I say we have summer 12 months of the year..Whatever..I just want to, it's the time everyone craving for some cool refreshment, I am going to share with you on of my family favorite dessert for hot day...Konnyaku jelly!!!

A short introduction to those who is new to this item.  Konnyaku is a natural food made from a type of mountain potato mixed with calcium hydroxide or calcium oxide extracted from eggshells.

It's a traditional Japanese health food and has been consumed for over 2000 years.  It is used widely in Japanese cuisine as well as substitute for gelatin in making jelly dessert.  And ONE MOST IMPORTANT POINT...IT IS IDIOT PROOF FOR SOMEONE WHO NOT REALLY A GOOD COOK IN ANYTHING LIKE ME!!!

I prefer Konnyaku Jelly than normal jelly because it have more chewy effect.

So, let's get started:-


1.  Fruits - any sort of fresh fruit of your choice..but preferably the ones that are soft to chew with the jelly,  I like to choose colorful ones to mixed so the effect after finished will look pretty and also try to combine some sour fruit with sweet one (such as grape and kiwi, Longan and peach, sea coconut with orange, strawberry with Lychee...)
  In this one, I use

Longan (sweet)

Peach (sweet n slight sour)

strawberry (sour)
2.  Konnyaku jelly powder

3.  Ice cube moulds ( you can use the normal konnyaku jelly moulds with more fun shapes..I prefer this ice moulds because it can stake easily and save up space when place in the fridge)

4.  Some Sugar


Well, as I said earlier... this is a idiot proof recipe...some the jelly power packaging come together with a very clear step by step instruction with PICTURES!

Step #1 
Cut and arrange the fruits on the mould.

Step #2 
Boil the water 1 litre for 10g of jelly powder

Step #3
While waiting for the water to boil, mixed the jelly powder with the sugar, it's recommend 250g for 1 litre water...but I reduce it to 100g because I am using the canned Longan and peaches which already been sweetened...Remember to mix REALLY well, if not it will form gel blobs which will be impossible to melt!

Step #4
Add in the mixture of sugar and jelly powder into the boiling water, scoop by scoop...make sure the jelly powder dissolve completely before you add in the next scoop.

Step #5 
Pour in the mixture into the moulds.  Only half full on the first round, so that let the mixture 'fix' the position of the fruits and then fill up the moulds on the second round.  If you fill the moulds full at once, the fruits you arrange earlier may all float up and you will lost the pattern you want when the jelly is ready.

Step #6
Let it cool off and keep in the fridge for few hours.

Step #7
Ready to serve and enjoy.

Thanks for drop by
Hope you will try this simple snack


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  1. Wow PC!! That looks so yummy! I am going to try to find the kinnyaky jelly at the chinese market tomorrow, along with some canned lychees! Does the jelly have any flavor? Or is it just sweet?
    mmmm I will let you know how it turns out tomorrow!

  2. @Esther is not-quite-perfectRemember to snap a photo too! So, I can have a bite from here :). Well, the konnyaku powder do have few different flovor to choose such as kiwi, apple..etc. But I use the original or non flavor one so I can taste the actual fruit flavor! Love, PC

  3. Those are so beautiful. I love the idea of using ice cube trays - you have turned a light bulb on for me once again!

  4. @Michelle L.If only we are in the same neighborhood... really wish to meet and craft with you in person..I can feel we are so so much alike!

  5. Fantastic!! I never though about putting them into molds. So simple! I also have never used agar agar powder--I think i need to step into that agar agar realm!

    Thanks for linking up on the FBF!

  6. @CarolynDear Carolyn, I try to upload this into your linky party but failed..maybe something wrong with the system..will try again. Please take note that agar2 powder and konnyaku are quite different in texture..konnyaku is more chewy and soft..are YUMMier too! Love, PC

  7. ooh this looks like a fun & yummy treat! I definitely want to give it a try!!


  8. I really like your blog!! I am your newest follower!! :) If you would like to check out mine also and follow it too!! That would be wonderful!! :) I am excited to share new ideas on food, crafts and about mineral make-up.. I will also be giving away mineral make-up for free. So watch out for it.

  9. Can't wait to try this. I've featured it at the Craftastic Link Party this week. Be sure to stop by & grab a Featured On button. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)


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