Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A pallet in the laundry?

Hi, again...

Yes, I am still busy..busy..busy with the housekeeping job around the house.  Today, I'm in the laundry area.  I have a very small laundry area at the back of my house.  How small?...Hmm..I'll say too small to fit in a single bed!!!   Yes....That's small.

Actually, it's not too bad..but recently after I bought in a small pallet there...(I reused some of the wood from the pallet for my entryway-redo-project ... now it's seem to be a bit eyesore at the laundry, but I would like to keep it as the wood may become useful for the next 'whatever' impromptu DIY project.

So, I use some 'S' hook to hang the pallet at an empty wall there...right at the window of the bathroom.  I don't want to use nails as all my laundry walls already been furnished with tiles so 'S' hook will be the best alternative for FAST, EASY and REMOVABLE.

Once the pallet was up...I soon realized that it could be very useful.  See?

I was overjoyed!!! Just what I need, a place to hang all
my 'recyclable materials' after wash..socks..clothes pin..
hangers...and I love the lowest part of it..just good
for hanging washed door mats.  Love it!

Hmm... So, no harm to add some more love on it...

A sweet sign for the pallet!
A pot of mints to freshen up the place

Some labels
This basket is 'specially' made for my hubby...

The girls hang up their stuffs after 'pool party' yesterday!

Need some moooooore convincing project
about pallet?

Check out this..

via http://storageandglee.blogspot.com

Now...I start to 'hunt' for pallets on road side...

So, have you re purposed or up-cycled something lately?

Hope this project will inspire you


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  1. Oh, I love it! I need to go find myself a few, they would be perfect for my bathroom.

  2. Haha! I love the 'from the pockets' basket idea. This is a great upcycle, space-saver too.

  3. Hey Darling,these are totally smart ideas!! hmmm

  4. This is so clever! What a great job of using something in such a unique and useful way. And I love the baskets, especially the in the pockets one!

  5. o i love them all:) thanks for sharing!!:)

  6. @AshleyThanks for stop by...always glad to hear from you!

  7. How funny - I have about 6 pallets in our backyard! They are pretty dirty, though . . .


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