Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Peacock feathers for feng shui?


Recently I received 6 pieces of beautiful peacock feathers from my mom.  She said I should place them at the back of my car as amulets to protect one from accident or burglaries.  I was a bit skeptic at first..until I check out the feng shui websites.   Well, no harm to believe I think.

According to the feng shui, "peacock feathers are excellent amulets to protect one against accidents, illness, burglaries, misfortunes and to ward off disease.  They are symbols of compassion and immortality, by virtue of their ability to adsorb and neutralize bad energy and sickness.

Among my favorite sayings or believe in feng shui related to peacocks is "A symbol of beauty reminding us to take pleasure in the finer things in life."  Hmm...finer things in life...for me.. it has to be what God give us for FREE...sunshine, fresh air, beautiful flowers, fascinating scenery...etc.

As for the peacock feathers... they are too pretty to place in the I put them in a PVC bottle vase and display them in my living room...

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  1. I didn't know that about peacock feathers! I actually have 2 here on my desk at work because our company gave them to us as part of a team building activity where we had to balance them on our finger (tip: you can actually balance it if you are looking at the 'eye' of the peacock feather)

  2. @JanelleThanks for drop by. Can't wait to see your latest creation! You do balance the feather upright? Must try this too..hehe!

  3. You're right, much too pretty for the car. I am looking at peacock feathers in a new way - thanks!


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