Friday, July 29, 2011

Sneak Peek into my latest project...

I am fighting with my 'needle' and 'thread' again for this little guy here...

It's not a toy ... or maybe it can be..

It's can be very useful for keeping small things...

and best of all...

It's easy and cheap to made...

a bit of recycle and re purposed

very little hands friendly...

absolutely new creation...( far as I known!)

I'll post the details soon!!!

Love Love Love



  1. You are too funny!! There were lots of insane people there!! ha

    Cute little guy, I like the pattern!

  2. whatever it is, i am sure it will be cute as your other & share now!!!

  3. @CREATIVE MINDOk ok... another new 'invention' coming right up!


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