Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm 'Pin' but I'm not glad!!!

I been keeping this for some days. At first, I thought I should just ignore it and let go... but, it's just seem too hard and very heart breaking.  I'm really demotivated by this case.   I don't might cruel comments in my comment box, but get 'pinned' and 'comment' in Pinterest?  I don't really enjoy this!

Well, who doesn't appreciate to have their projects been 'pinned' in Pinterest?  Have your projects pinned means someone been inspired by your I right?  Well, I thought I was until recently I saw one of my project been pinned for  "Derisive Laughter Will Ring Out Amongst Shoppers At Your Estate Sale If You Have All This Junk" ...

No, this doesn't look like a stainless steel vase. It looks like you wrapped a piece of ramen wrapper around a Pringles can. If you are dressing sets for a TV show it might work. For a real house, with real people looking up close, no.

No, this doesn't look like a stainless steel vase. It looks like you wrapped a piece of ramen wrapper around a Pringles can. If you are dressing sets for a TV show it might work. For a real house, with real people looking up close, no.
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Yes, check it out - there are few project by SHOWCASE together with mine, and one of them is my favorite!

Well, I must clarify.  Not all my projects Most of my projects are from JUNK, I enjoy the pleasure of turning them into something rather than just throw them away.  The reason I share them on the blog is not to ask anyone to follow my or do exactly what I do but just to pass the idea junk can be more useful than just pass to the recycle centers or garbage cans. I clearly know the above samples are not 'stainless stain vase' but just delighted to see a simple piece on ramen can create such a nice pattern when paste on a Pringles can.

And last but not least, I will continue making these junk or "Derisive Laughter Will Ring Out Amongst Shoppers At Your Estate Sale If You Have All This Junk" or whatever you want to name it.

I just don't understand - why people "pin-dislike/hate/joke" when it's actually for you to pin something you love?  Is this the recent 'trend'?

Okay... thanks for listening!  I'm out of here and adventure into my next crazy junky creations.

Creativity is not just about succeeding. 
It’s about experimenting and discovering.”

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  1. These people obviously have no creativity. Where would we be if it weren't for people experimenting, if we all did and had the same things.

    I love your creativity, your resourcefulness and that you share it with all of us. All of the money in the world can't buy happiness and peace.

    Haters are just jealous.

  2. Grrr! It's not fun when people do that! But that rude person is in the minority - many more people (like me!) are excited and happy when they find your amazing junk transformations. Think about us, and forget the rude ones! And don't stop going full speed with your ideas, more, more, more, please, PC!

  3. p.s. It hink you're right, it is becoming a trend now, to publicly dislike things. Have you ever been to a website called Regretsy? It's a very mean place, where silly Etsy items are ridiculed. Sometimes, the Etsy shop owners who get pilloried are amused - they make jokes about being "honored" to be on Regretsy. I think that's the best way to handle it! The next time someone says something rude about one of my designs, I plan to make jokes - like you did at the end of your post.

  4. takes a lot more thought and creativity to find ways to recycle THINGS to put them to use than it takes to recycle a web post for another purpose.

    There will always be haters and the appreciators out there but I, for one, love the majority of ideas you come up with. As for the ones I don't, there is ALWAYS someone I personally know that does.

    Keep up the great attitude and thanks for the hard work and thoughtfulness you put into this blog.

  5. Ugh...that makes me SO angry! PC you are fabulous and your projects are amazing, that pinboard and "pinner" should be shut down. Pinterest is a small start-up (based in the town next to where I live) and I am sure they would love to hear your feedback about this.
    You are the best!!

  6. Don't worry. People can be mean and that reflects their interior, what they are made of... And the one that said those horrible things just needs light and love in her heart because she is just a poor soul with nothing but s***** comming out of her key board!

  7. Wow -what a sad little person that Cat Pick. I bet Ben and his pinterest team would not appreciate this. This same person repinned a paper plate basket. Seriously? - a paper plate basket?

    I'm so sorry this happened- you are so sweet and creative and I love your Pringles can! (Love everything you create) For every one of those negative bitter people there are hundreds that
    love what you do!

  8. People hide behind the anonymity of the internet and be as rude as cruel as they think they can get away with; it usually means they are unhappy in their own lives, happy people don't lash out at perfect strangers for no reason; if anything we should feel sorry for them. Also they are conceited to think that their crafts will be marvels to future generations, because they won't be; look at our grandmothers' handiworks and how much world wide renown they had gotten no matter how wonderful and skilled they were.
    Also who's to say we care what people will think of us when digging through our stuff when we are dead (as is the case for estate auctions for the most part)?
    I say do what you like, that makes you happy now because trying to please everyone leaves you with nothing for yourself.
    Personally I like your ideas, haters are going to hate but don't let it get you down!

  9. I'm really sorry you had to experience something like this PC :( And when you posted that, you did say you don't know yet what you will do with the jars and the technique, and that you were just sharing what you discovered. I guess we all have to deal with some kind of negativity on the web at one point. Some people really are just like that, expressing their opinion with no regard for how others will feel because they know they are free to do so.

    Keep your chin up and smile. Not everyone thinks like that.

    Hugs from the Philippines.

  10. PC, don't let them get you down! I think you're very creative. I would never think to use some of the things you have used for projects!

  11. Hi, just want to show my support for you. Its not nice when someone makes fun of you or your work. As others have said, you have your own followers who like to see what you do so please don't let this get you down, we all love you and your work! I love upcycling, I know some (even my own family!) think its crazy to use things they would call junk - but I just agree to disagree with them! Keep up your good work, take care, Karima x

  12. You are a superstar in my book. Some people just don't know how to actually grow past the mean girl phase from high school! It is such a shame that she did what she did and shame on her. I am a believer in what you do... don't stop!
    Hugs and more Hugs to YOU!

  13. my first time here. I find you pretty creative, so don't let one negative pin get you down. Some people just doesn't know what they write may hurt other's feelings.


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