Thursday, September 1, 2011

Study week....


Yes, I'm a bit off my "crafting" schedule...been pretty busy with a few agendas lately... getting the kids back to school, help Jojo to prepare for her 2nd Semester Examination (which will decide what class she will be group into for the next 5 years in primary...Yup, it's a very 'big deal' stuff here .... Malaysia!!!

Some parents took long leave from job just to accompany their children for the 'study week'.  Nope, I'm not kidding!  So, since I'm a SAHM - that mean I need to 'play' that part!   Please don't judge about this issue, and for your information.. nope.. my parents don't do this when I was in school..never!  But, the culture just change...why? It's just a 'culture' thing especially among the Chinese community here in Asia.

You can easily found the such conversation in market place.. in public bus station.. or any 'Kopitiam (local coffee shop)'..."Wah!  your kids so big already ah?  Go to school ah?  What class?  A class or B class?  Why no go tuition meh?   My kids go extra class everyday - after school tuition classes in the morning and I get a private tutor to teach my kids 1 to 1 at night!
I'm a former teacher and currently a part time tuition tutor.. but the idea of sending kids to tuition center everyday?  It sound really exhausted and boring for me!  I've been approached by a mother, asking me to provide tuition to her son (6 years old) - she want a 1 to 1 (1 tutor for 1 kid) session, 6 session per week, 2 hour per session...she willing to pay ..her intention - to ensure her son did not stay at home for TV or games or whatever....  don't be surprise...This is a very common thinking of all mom here!

So, my plan for Jojo?  I just want her to score distinction in the subject of Grateful and Merciful - knowing what is right and wrong, and be a kid...simple normal kid, playful with lot of imagination, believe in fairies and angels,  just like me when I was her age.



  1. I agree! Sometimes parents can put too much stress on a child. But it's not all bad - I understand and honor them for wanting everything for their kids. I love your list of necessary subjects for MeiMei and JoJo. with you for a mom, they will excel in imagination.

  2. I feel so sad to see that this is so important. I does make me feel so glad that I home-schooled my two youngest. No pressure--learning based on what they were interested in. Both excelled in college later.


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