Friday, September 9, 2011

Upcycled project - Wrap a can with a puzzle!

I have seen so many nice project with old soup or food cans.  I like the ideas of painting them, decoupage them, or even punch some holes and make them into gorgeous lanterns - yes, that will be a nice idea for this Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.  It's another big festival among the Chinese community.

But, today... I want to upcycle the can with a little "TWIST"!  I want it to be #1 Useful #2 Pretty #3Fun #5 Easy to made (Which means this can be a kids' craft - with some little help from a grown up).

POSSIBLE?  Definitely yes.. just follow the simple instruction below...

#1  Get your material
      - An empty can (from anything , big or small, long or short... I used a small milk powder can here.)
      - A nice picture (from magazine, news papers, kids' drawings.. I recycle a front page of a drawing block)
      - A piece of cardboard (optional - if your picture is not stiff enough...)
      - Some glue / double side sticky tape
      - Pen knife to cut

#2 Cut the picture according to the outer diameter of the can and do the same for the cardboard too.  Remember that you wouldn't need the cardboard if your picture is thick enough to handle.

#3 Paste the picture onto the cardboard and cut it into strips after it dry.  The thickness of the strips depends how hard you want to puzzle to be or should I say depends "HOW LONG YOU WANT TO PUZZLE YOUR KIDS!"  I cut mine about 1.5 cm each.
#4 Now you wrap the strips around the can (not onto the can!) and make sure it each strips can be twist and turn.  Make sure you arrange them according to the right sequence too!

#5 Scrambled the picture and passed it to the little one.

Useful - Yes.  
You may use to can to store some stuff or toys..
Pretty - Yes 
or it depends what picture you put on... 
it could be scary too if you plan this for Halloween!
Fun    -  Yes.  
Or educational too if  you customize the puzzle games into words puzzles for bigger kids,
black and white picture with little details can be harder too!  
Or 'hide' a secret words puzzle message for your loves to solve!
Easy - It just take minutes!
Hope you enjoy this project
If you did this - I would be glad if you would post yours 
in my facebook page so I can share with others too!

Love always

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  1. how always come up with an interesting idea :) its really COOOOL *(*

  2. Oh, what a clever clever project!!! I adore it - so simple but so cute and fun! Thanks for yet another bit of crafty genius, PC!

  3. I love this idea - my daughter would love it! You are so darn clever!

  4. I am so going to try this:)

    There's something for you in my blog my dear.

    Big kiss

  5. @CREATIVE MINDThanks Khadija...but nothing beats your beautiful henna arts!

  6. This is a really cute one!! We will try it too.

  7. What a great idea! Kids would really enjoy playing with this.

  8. That is so creative! This would be the perfect travel game, too, since you could put other toys inside the can. Found you via Under the Table's linky. Thanks for letting us link up too!

  9. This is so very smart! I love your idea, and I love that it won't cost anything to make! Thanks so much, I came over from the Delightful Order link party!

    Brie from

  10. Such a cute idea! I'm going to pin this and save it for later.:)

  11. What a cute idea! I'm going to make my husband do this!

    Check out my kids outing blog?


  12. Are these puzzle suitable for 3 years old above? Do you have any ideas puzzle for 1 year old?

  13. Great idea. Do you have any ideas for 1 year old baby to play with?


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