Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jojo's holiday project - "Christmas Tree"

It's the year end school holiday...the school will only reopen on 4th January 2012.  Jojo and Mei Mei are absolutely glad They have so many plans of what to do during this holiday. .. (but Mei Mei have one concern...after watching the 2012 movie... every now and then, she will ask me if the disaster describe in the movie will happen ...:p I haven't got a good answer for her yet...any suggestion please!!!!... and she add 'learn to swim' as a priority activity to achieve!)

 Now, let's move over to Jojo's first holiday project....A Christmas Tree...don't be too excited...err...it's more of 'sort of'...a Christmas Tree...Anyway, I absolutely approved it ... but Mei Mei still a bit hesitate to accept her sister's ... 'creativity'.

This morning Jojo ask me to rolled up some chick wire into a big cone for her...but the left over wire is just sufficient for a 16" height cone...but Jojo is glad.

She asked my permission for some white paint ... since the cone is small...I suggest her to dip the whole thing into the paint barrel.  Jojo spends hour painting every single wire...
(she has better patience level compare to me!!!)

While waiting for the cone to dry in the sun...Jojo 'dig' up some old toys deer from her toy box.... I let her use my glitter and the Christmas ornaments from last year...

So... are you ready for the "Christmas Tree"?
 Yes...She stuffed all the ornaments into the 'cone'...  Hmm..I wonder where she get those idea from...
Well... I did show her some 'project' from Pinterest earlier...

I don't recall where this cute little bear Santa came from...
So adorable when match with the glitter deer.

 ...and that's the only thing Mei Mei approved about the "Christmas Tree"!

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  1. I'm not sure what's more adorable, the patience of Mei Mei, the cuteness of the craft or the girls themselves?!

    Like you, I am not a Christian, but I do love to celebrate Christmas.

  2. Dear JoJo - I LOVE your Christmas tree! You are super talented like your mom. It's beautiful and sweet, and easy enough for a kid to make.

    Nice job!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!Best tree I have seen this season! How creative is she! Pinning it!


  4. Such a sweet post it is..Lots of Love ~

  5. Sooo adorable!! Love this, very creative!

  6. that project is a great idea! Jojo is really creative... must have gotten it from her mom ;)

  7. oh this is a great idea. i like it a lot. hey, i have problem viewing your blog because there is a pop-up ad that keep showing up and won't allow me to see your blog. I tried to go in a few times and now managed to see it after I saw an X and closed it. The first few times, I couldn't find the X. Each time there is a different ad.

    Little Chumsy's Blog

  8. Please tell Jo Jo that I think her tree is amazing! What a creative little girl, well she does have you as a momma! Thanks so much for linking up!

  9. great job jo jo!!! your tree is beautiful, and I LOVE the glittered toys! :)


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