Friday, November 4, 2011

Repurposed door to shelf : Super easy!

Remember the 'leftovers' of the broken door
I picked up from the renovation side?

After transform the main part into a table top for
Mei Mei's room, check it out here

the 'not so useful or 'ugly part'?


Seal the opened ends ... and the 'hole' 
with the technique I learned from Martha of repairing hole in wall..hehe!
(Actually I intend to throw it away but the measurement
is just too perfect for the wall

Install a few L brackets at the wall....
and tuck in....
secure it ...
Ta Daaaaa!!!!
A 'floating shelf' for Mei Mei!

Yup...a table top and a 'L" shelf...cost $0 from an old door....
just a little bit if paint, ribbon and lace and of course... an afternoon nap time!

Old frame + chick wire = Mei Mei's pin board
Mei Mei's collections of watch... :p

See you!

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  1. So this shelf is hollow, and you put the brackets inside the shelf? That's what it looks like - I LOVE IT! So smart (as always) and it turned out to be a beautiful girly corner!

  2. I love the lace trim on the shelf! Great work PC, as always. And wow, you an use a manual saw! I tried it once... I failed miserably... and my husband won't let me use it anymore, haha. But one of these days, I will try again!

  3. What a wonderful transformation. Love this redo. Environmental friendly and the earth is healthy. Really enjoy reading blogs such like this creative. Thanks also for referring me to Janelle for my interview in Oct.

  4. I love your ideas! And the little white border is just precious!

  5. Oh my goodness PC you are a GENIUS! and A DIY Goddess!! I love this! Wanna come and make over my house???

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. oh i love the shelf and the chick wire frame. you are so creative :)


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