Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog award from a dear friend...

I'm always thrilled when receiving comments and email from my blog friend...
Last few week MeiJo;s Joy is so honored to received an award from Jill - Creating My way to Succeess.  I know Jill through her amazing clothes upcycling linky party

Do check out her Christmas Link Carnival too...

Jill have presented me this...

So, since the award theme is "Tell me about yourself award"
Guess, I should dig up some facts about myself...

Fact #1
When I was a working mom... I try so hard to make myself happy with my hard earn money...
but after I turn into a SAHM...I found my happiest moments are seeing my kids fall asleep on my laps
with smelly clothes and dirty mouth ...after they 'never ending activities'.  I feel absolutely happy and thankful - they have enjoyed the day and looking forward for another happy tiring day!

Fact #2
My saddest moments were those times when I was working and have to sent Mei Mei to the
babysitter ... she will be with the babysitter during weekday and I only fetched her home on weekends.  Sending her to the babysitter every Monday morning really tear my heart apart...

Fact #3
Recently my mom gave me a 'small' sewing machine which claimed faulty by her...and surprisingly 'it' works...and now...I'm absolutely into 'sewing adventure'...I don't really know sewing...but I just love to find new ways of making things!  Now...I'm advancing from 'no sew' to 'low sew' projects! Yeah!

Fact #4
Sometimes, I received comments from readers saying my blog is 'weird'...and I'm so happy to hear that... Actually...I have been describe as 'weird' since I was my arts and craft teachers!
Yes, I defined 'weird' as 'unique'!
Ok...let's pass this award to another amazing soul...

Meet this talented crafty lady at

Her blog and her works are absolutely inspiring!


(gotta go....getting back to my sewing machine....)


  1. Hi Dear!
    Jill is a sweet heart! & knowing more about you is cool, you are weird in a Creative way! Always Love your crafts :)
    oh you busy (crual) mom, how little girl can live without you many days? Sad!!

  2. Love your interesting facts PC!! You're definitely my kind of weird!! Who wants to be boringly 'normal' anyway!!

    I'm off to check out Terrie!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Thank you so much Meijos. You're just being kind. I'm happy to know you and all the creative friends. Your creation is inspiring. Your comments are sweet. THANKS.


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