Wednesday, December 21, 2011

World Creative Blog hop (24)

  There were 42 fabulous blogs from around the world that link up in the last week - World Creative Blog hop.  Thank you so much for your support!  There were definitely lots of fabulous crafters out there and all the ideas are so out of the "world"... Oh!  How you all get those creative ideas?  If you haven't had a chance to go through the links, go here...I recommend you do so!  May be I might as well give you a little information what you may found...
A Creative Princess saves some liquor bottles 
and turn them into these gorgeous display!


Checkout My Repurposed Life - Proudest creation !

Kissing Ball 4

And last but no least....If you love to upcycle especially in clothing, 
you got show off your talent to join this contest by Robin in T-Shirt Diaries.

Gotta go...Remember to join this week World Creative Blog hop.  Click here to bring you there!

See you!


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