Monday, January 9, 2012

Chinese New Year shopping list...

It's less than 2 weeks before we celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year... and there are so much to prepare.  Some new ( can say newly refashion) clothes for the kids.  Some gift for my parents, in law and friends... Some goodies to serve the guests who come over for visit during new year... Cleaning and a little bit redo and house decorating...

Here is my this week shopping list...
#1 Must buy
Mandarin Orange - in chines 'Kam" which sound like gold words in Chinese-Cantonese dialect.
So, during new year..everyone want some 'Kam' (gold).
This is a #1 must have in the list - for gifts and serve the guest or even decorating!

#2 Must buy
Chinese New Year Hamper...during Chirstmas all the good stuff and place under the Christmas tree...
Chinese prefer to 'stuff n wrap' all the good stuff (mostly food, wine...) in a basket! 
I normally DIY my own hamper... get an empty basket and 
wrapped up all my parents favorite food and snacks!

But these day...hamper can come with anything...
instead of 'Kam' could be 'Apple'! 

#3 Must buy

nian gao

Nian Gao 年糕 or New year cakes 
are sweet sticky Chinese pastries made from glutinous rice.
Nian Gao sounds similar to Nian Gao年高 (年年高生
implying promotions or prosperity year after year. 
This association makes Nian Gao a popular gift item during the New Year period.

#4 Drinks
This year I'm not going to buy the packaged drinks for the guests...I'll serve
them with my homemade Roselle drinks!  Ha! Ha!  Healthy and cheap!

#5 Lucky Bamboo

 Bamboo shoots - is a term which sounds like "wishing that everything would be well"
Some believe different numbers of stalks are thought to symbolize slightly different kinds of luck, 
2 stalks = love 
3 or 6 stalks = happiness 
5 or 7 stalks = health 
8 stalks = wealth 
9 stalks = general good fortune 
21 stalks = blessings
What would you prefer...I prefer the one that match my home decor and not too expensive!
I got my 3 layered lucky bamboo at Tesco for RM6.88!

#6 Pussy Willow
Know as 'Yin Lou' in Chinese - Cantonese. 'Yin' simply sound like 'money' and 'silver'.  
For me....I just love the look of the long stem flower and it can last for years!
I saw Ecosave advertised 12 stalk of pussy willow for RM17.88...must check out tonight!

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year or have you visited your friends who celebrate Chinese New Year,
what is Chinese New Year like at your place?
What is you 'must do', 'must buy' and ',must have'?



  1. Time for us Chinese to prepare for the New Year. I'll buy flowers, candies, do cleaning, make puddings.... lots to do.

  2. Thanks for the cool peek into your celebration prep, PC! I didn't know about the differnet number meanings for bamboo shoots. Your house will be so pretty and festive - lucky visitors!


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