Sunday, January 1, 2012

First DIY henna - fake tattoo!

  I always love the 'experiment' fun and simple to do fashion trend with my girls!  Recently, I have accomplished another 'to do fashion' with the girls.... While checking out an Indian jewellery shop at the neighborhood...I came across this...

This is a pre-mixed henna cone...
it cost RM1.00

The girls and I had been looking forward to 'do' this, ever since we saw the henna hand and palm decorations posted by Creative Mind.

As this is our first...we just try some very simple design...Mei Mei and Jojo both said they want something with flowers and butterflies and this is my best first trial....

And this is how it looks like after wash away
The color can be in darker red if the girls can be more patience
I understand some leave it on for over night before washed away
but this project...we just leave on for an hour
The temporary 'tattoo' last for about 10 days on the girls hands...
I have to remove it and get they hands cleaned as the new school semester starts tomorrow!

Have a nice day
Happy New Year 2012!

Mei Mei

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  1. So cute! Love you sweet designs. I'm sad they have to wash it off so soon - but next time they have a vacation from school, more henna!


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