Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas trip - Gunung Lang (Mount. Lang)

Hi!  Just came back from my in-laws place - Ipoh, Perak.  Let's me show you a new place there that really worth a visit if you ever go to Ipoh!

This is my first time to Gunung Lang, the place is so green, clean and peaceful!  Ipoh have a lot of limestone mountain and this is just one of them.  Now... check out my journey details...

This is Gunung Lang

There is a lake with boat service
RM3 for adult
RM 1.50 for children under 12 years old

There are so many Koi Fish waiting to be feed at the side of the lake

Can you see what are these?

They are very hungry catfish fighting for the fish feed...I never seen such scene!

Eager girls waiting for they turn to take the boat trip

The boat will bring us to the other side of the lake...
The girls can see there is a huge playground it's a 'must go' trip!

Ready aboard!

Once we arrived the other side of the lake...
we were amazed by the beautiful scenery that welcome us there!

There were some rambutan trees that ready to be pluck and eat too!

Jojo spotted a big jackfruit on the ground

I saw this very unique tree with sharp long leaves
There were so kind of fruits on the top of the tree...

...and the 'fruits' are actually the seeding to a young tree!

This place is really neat

A lot of rest area

There are some kampung houses around the place too

It's empty inside, but equipped with ceiling fan and power points...
I should have bring my laptop...

View from the window

Now,could you guess what tree is this?'s not a tree... I admired her eyes...
she really have a very long eye lashes...
And the playground is great too!

Jojo meet some friends there - a turtle and a cat fish

On our way back....saw this beautiful nature craved limestone!

It's such a long post
Thanks for your patience



  1. I'd die just to feel the warmth of that place! It looks gorgeous and restful. Thanks for taking me away momentarily :)

  2. Such a beautiful place - great photos of the scenery and the girls. The lake looks sooo serene and calm. The catfish looked a little bit scary. PC - you got me, I totally thought that was a tree in the first picture - I did not guess the mystery thing, hahahee!

  3. I've been to Gunung Lang twice but haven't taken the boat ride. Looks like we need to try that next time. We are from Ipoh :) Happy 2012 to you and your family.


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