Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting ready for back to school...

After one and half months of school, my two little 'monsters' are going back to school again.  So, that's what I've been busy about.  I know I should prepare earlier...I did plan and write down all the necessaries 'to buy' and 'to do' list...just the school holiday activities list never ends and the girls and I were too carry away doing all the fun / new things together.

Now, rush...rush...rush to get all the things ready...first Jojo's 'to do' and 'to buy' list.

Jojo - 'to do'
#1 - This is the one that less exicited according to Jojo...having her hair cut
School' s length should not exceed 2 inches from ear lobe.
(Cut by ....ME!... I'm not very good but oklah for cutting straight line!)

#2 - Get the school uniform ready
Here all girls wear dark blue pinafore and white shirt
Ironed and make sure all missing buttons are replaced.

#3 - Wash and paint the school's white shoes
Wearing canvas white shoes is a must for all schools here.
Clean canvas shoes need to put a layer of white chalk paint...

#4-Trimmed and clean nails
Remove all the nail polished and heena we did during holiday

Jojo - 'to buy'
#1 - New school bag
Her old one wear off already year long 'heavy duty' of carrying all the texts books.
The total weight on the school bag last year after loaded all the books was more than 10 kg!
(I split the load into two back pack and one hand carry)
Last year, Jojo has a 'princess' bag...this year she spotted this pink 'Doraemon' 
in 'Longwan' a local low price mini market!
We got this for RM29...and the quality is very good!

#2 - New white socks and shoes!
Jojo hate to wash her white socks and shoes
and I hate to see white sock and shoes turning 'black' within a day!
So, I bought enough socks for her in order to change one everyday
and 3 white shoes to change on alternate days!
So they would get too dirty and easier to wash off the stain.
I got the socks from RM1 store and 
shoes for only RM4.50 from Tesco (not branded one lah)

#3 - Black hair pin, headband.
Jojo's is only hair accessories allow to use are hair pin or headband
and in black color only....
no rubber bands ...cannot tie hair...all must be short
As she always misplaced her black pins...
I bought a dozen of these...

#4 - Exercise Books
The school have they own exercise book printed with school logo...
This year package for Primary 2 is RM 7.50... not too expensive
I bought some extra just in case ...
There was once she use up her book at night and 
I've rush to her classmate's house to get one!

As For Mei Mei....
She is 6 years old this years...
her school bag is still very new... she washed it on the first day of holiday
Her kindergarden T-shirts are still ok
No need to prepare shoes too...she can wear slippers or whatever she want
The only 'to do' is....
convince her that the school break is over and now she got to 

Now say 'cheese' before we head to school...
What a 'fake' smile!

While the kids are in school...
now I can have sometimes to 'restart' my 'homework'
check back for my next project...!


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  1. WOW, that's a lot to do! So interesting about the painted shoes - I should try that for myself!

    Girls - I hope you have a lot of fun this term! I hope you love your teachers and your friends at school.


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