Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mini DIY on a rainy days...leftover scraps projects...

The terrible haze had finally cleared up after
days of heavy rain here.

So, what's your favorite things to do
during rainy days...

Mine will be a cup of hot coco...
my favorite couch by the window...
and read a few lines of my favorite book...
before I snooze off...

But, I'm not doing that today!
Today, I suddenly decided to make something useful
from the leftover (sleeves from old T-shirt, cut out from previous projects).

I made this cute little ribbon book mark strap
One end is the shape of a white cloud and the other end is a cute little raindrop!
(Like my cactus pincushion...the tutorial is here)


These are what I use...

1.  Leftover T-shirt sleeves - in white and blue
2.  White and blue threads
3.  a small button 
4.  A piece of ribbon
Time : 15 minutes

Step 1

Cut the fabric into the shape of a cloud and a water drop

Step 2

Stitch up the side.  I use 'blanket stitch'.
And insert some cotton to make it puffy.

Step 3
Continue to do the same for the water drop.
and connect them together with the ribbon.

Step 4

I 'add' a smiling face to the raindrop.
Just to cheer me up a bit!

There!  All done.

Now...where I put my hot coco? ...

I know the weather might be hot at your side of world...

Stay calm

Think cool stuff

Craft on.


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  1. Well done PC at this another cool DIY..this is so beautiful..
    weather is also hot here but our pre-monsoon season has started..heavy rains daily at night but day is full sunny..

  2. What a cute cute cute design! Love it! Your blog matches it!

  3. Cute and fun bookmark! Great idea for your scraps!

  4. This is so adorable - Love IT! Visiting from Friday Favs linkup :)

  5. What a sweet little project!

  6. hope you don't mind, i shared this project on my blog and linked it back to here as your project is so sweet!


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