Monday, July 9, 2012

Dress Up Your Pen! A teacher's gift...

Today, Mei Mei's kindergarden had a farewell party
for a teacher there.
She is one of Mei Mei favorite teacher.

Mei Mei wants to make her something 'special' as a farewell gift.
So, three of us started to 'cracked' our head for a 'best' gift to prepare for the teacher.

We only have a night time to prepare for the gift
as Mei Mei just told Jojo and me after she came back from school last evening.

As I don't have much resources on hand...
with some ribbons, leftover fabrics and tulle...
We 'dress-up' a few pens into stalks of flower.

This is our inspiration....



1.  a pen 
 I choose the one with thinner body 
becauseI don't want the pen to be 'too fat' to grip
after wrapped with layers of fabrics

2.  some leftover fabrics or ribbons.
3.  Double side tape
4.  Glue gun
5.  Threads and needle

Job delegation
Teamwork is important to get the things done quick!

The fabric flowers and bow * me
The pen wrap up * Jojo
The card * Mei Mei


Step #1 Wrapping the pen

a.  remove the pen cap and paste double side tape on the pen body

b.  cut some fabric straps and wrap around the pen

Place a glue 'dot' on the tip of the pen to prevent 
the mess from the ink

Step#2 Preparing the flower
a.  I cut out some pink fabric from an old T-shirt.
  b. Paste a thin line of double side tape at one edge

c.  Fold and pleat the edge with double side tape into ruffles form.

d.  Roll up the ruffles to form a flower and secure with a glue gun.

This is the bottom view

e.  Glue the flower onto the end of the pen
f.  Cover up the connection area by gluing a few round of lace.

Step #3 Preparing the bow
a.  Simple make a few loop of different sizes and layer them together.

b.  Tie or glue the bow onto the pen

Step#4  Preparing the 'card'
This is Mei Mei idea - I think this is so creative,
and I consider the best part of the project!
a.  Use a green cardboard, fold in half.
b.  Cut out a heart shape

c.  Write you message

d.  Place the pen through the hole, a touch of green leaves for the 'flower'!


*Mei Mei* Jojo*PC

Stay cool
Be calm
make something 'happy' today!

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  1. Absolutely the cutest gift! I love the easy double-stick-tape method! And Mei Mei's brilliant leaf card is smart, smart, smart!

  2. So pretty! What a great idea for a teacher's gift!

  3. So pretty!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I'll try this later, when my toddler will attend school ;)

    New follower

  4. That's great gift i try this later on when i need it ,thanks for shearing this.


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