Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moving...Things to throw...Memories to keep...

Recent weekend, we went back to my in-law house.  My in-law is moving away from they 50 years old house.  The house where my in-law met and fall in love...get marry and settle down...The house where my hubby and his two elder brothers were born.

 There were so many things to pack, to bring to new place, and sadly...there are also so many sentimental stuffs they have to release or give away, because it wouldn't fit into the new place.

My dear mother-in-law nearly give away everything she beloved.  One of the little things she manage to keep are two set of China ware she got during her wedding.  And I manage to convince her to keep the old sewing machine for me...the very original 'Flying Man Sewing Machine'.  Pure treasure!

All of us involved in packing and unpacking...cleaning and moping...Some old treasure we came across are few photo albums...Mei Mei keep asking..."Mom, why everything is in black and white last time?  The world have no color last time?"  Huh?!  

Since my mother-in-law only have sons and all three of them were born at close gap...with rather similar look when they were young...we have some tough time figure out which were who?

Mei Mei : "Which one is Papa?"...Grandma:  " Er..??"

Check out my mother-in-law when she was young.....

The biggest treasure the girls found is a big wooden toy box.  Filled with toys from few generations!   Some of my hubby favorite too!  And these are what they brought home...



and a.....lost 'alien'...LOL!

Now...I need some idea how to 'put up' those old treasure we bought home...especially those cute toy soldiers.

Oops...time to prepare dinner...

See you again...




  1. We had to leave our childhood home around the time I went to college to move back to the city. I still remember the day we left the house for the last time as one of the saddest days of my life. I love looking at the treasures you shared! Particularly the old sewing machine and the old photos. I love looking at old photos.

  2. Oh the houses in Penang are so beautiful and have a classic look. It will be sad when your in-laws move out.

  3. So nice that you all went out to help with the move. Your M-in-Law is lovely! Pretty funny about the black and white world. You should have told Mei Mei "No, honey, there was no color until 1969. Then a big color volcano erupted..."

  4. Hermosos recuerdos!!!!Me encanta esa máquina de coser.....esas fotos antiguas......y tu suegra, que guapa!!!!
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