Friday, August 31, 2012

Hungry Ghost Festival?....

I know...I know... It's time to celebrate Fall (Autumn)...
It's time to start to plan about Halloween and Christmas?

but... in Penang...

The biggest event now is Hungry Ghost Festival!

For those who heard this for the first time
Hungry Ghost Festival (HGF) is an 'event' for Chinese community 
on every seventh month of Chinese Lunar Calendar.

We believe all the spirit from Hxll will the release into 'our world' during the seventh month.
Seventh month is consider as 'bad' month...
which mean we will try to avoid choose this month for wedding, moving or opening of new business.

So, what make this month so special?

Well, there are some 'activities' that only take place in this month such as...

#1 Praying the lost 'spirits'.
Since it's believe that this month all the 'spirits are coming out...
So, it's said that there will be a lot of  them will be wondering around
Most of the household will prepare some food offerings for the spirit
and this ritual often done on 1st, 15th and 30th day of the Seventh Month.

#2 Chinese Opera and Chinese Puppet Show
Oh dear, this is part Mei Mei and Jojo love about this time.
During this month, most neighborhood will put up opera or puppet show
for the spirit and also for 'living' one too.  And the kids and elderly love them.

(my hubby wouldn't allow me to snap photo on the spot...he afraid  I might accidentally 'caught' someone....
But beware, if you happened see this type of show,
They are 'reserved' for the 'VISITORS' of the month.

Catch up with you all later...

p/s : don't want to stay up too late during this time...
if you know what I mean.....



  1. Ooh, it sounds a little bit scary, but the operas and puppet shows sound wonderful! If you catch a ghost on film, I want to see it!

  2. Oh wow, thank you for showing and telling us abit about this! This is the first i've heard of this and it's great to read about it!

  3. Reading this post just gave me goosebumps, seriously, haha. Hope you and your family (and your um... guests ;) are having fun PC!


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