Friday, September 14, 2012

Birthday at....40!

Oh dear.... This day seems coming sooner than I expected....Yes, I'm turning 40 years old today! 
Hmm... birthday don't seem like I remember how it should be! 
Today, I wake up as usual, clean, mop, usual...
Nothing excited...nor extraordinary happened...
Wait! I haven't check the mirror closely this morning... 
Will there be a new wrinkles somewhere?.......

Well, I remember when I was a kid...
Birthday is my biggest occasion of the year.
That date have been marked as soon as I got a new calendar on early of the year.
I remember I started to imagine and guessing what will happened on that day...
the closer the date ...the more I day dream!
My parents are not wealthy, but they are very 'generous' when comes to my birthday...
and in return...I also very 'humble' in my birthday wishes.
I don't have birthday party for every of my birthday...
but birthday cake and presents is a an outing to the park!

When I was in secondary school...
Birthday is even more excited.
My best friend and the 'gang' will definitely throw a small party at the canteen if the day fall on a school's day.
The best part is to find all the birthday gifts from some 'secret admirers' in my desk drawer after the rest time.

I have this crazy feeling towards well wrapped present.
I love the wrapper, the ribbon, the gift tag and most of all the bow!
I always took a peek into the stuff wrapped inside and will wrap it back just as new afterward!

The present will remain in that way..until the day I really..really ..really have to use them!
I know...I'm weird!

My presents 'management'?
The useful and pretty on stay wrapped, until further notice...
The not so useful but pretty one..keep for my best friend birthday...Yes, 'recycled'!
The not so favor ones..keep in wrap until some not so close schoolmates birthday...and 'recycled'.

And when I start dating.  Birthday is the time I 'judge' the level of my boyfriend 'true love'!
And I guess that was the time I'm really been "pampered"!

When I start to work and marry... Some times...I absolutely forgot all about it.
The calendar is marked with goods delivery dates, subordinates annual leaves dates,
bring babies for routine check-up dates....and so on..

And now...Suddenly... I'm having my 40th birthday! OUCH!!!

The first to greet me today is my hubby, follow by phone calls from my parents in law and my mother!

And the new task I add into this day is my mom a day before and told her how much I love her,
remember her pain during giving birth to me and sacrifices she made as a mom.

After being a mom, I started to realize... Birthday is not all about the person him/herself...
it should be a date to be thankful and remember those who bring you to this world and those who how your hands and teach you to walk and run!

In Chinese, one birthday is also known as "Mom's difficult / survival  Day".

I hope... one day... my children will understand and remember this!

So many thing cross my mind today... I'll share with you all later...
Now, please excuse me...I need to go to blow 3 dozens and 4 candles!

my birthday wish for this year...
just like last year...

which is...
for the following years to come
everything and everyone will be just the 'same'

Nothing more
Nothing less

No surprise...No unexpected stuff

Just plain like today...

Nobody is sick,
No bad news,
No trouble
No big issue
Just peace


Let the only different be the number of candles on top of the my cake!




  1. Happy Birthday! I just turned 40 last week and so far it's fantastic!

  2. wishing you the happiest most fun birthday ever! hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

  3. Happy Birthday! I am already 40+, the 40s are really not so bad. :)

  4. Happy happy day, PC!!! Maybe you don't know this, so I must tell you what a wonderful writer you are. I loved every word of this funny and beautiful little post. It made me think and made me happy.

    I am quite sure you make birthdays special for your girls, so you can experience that birthday fun again 2 times a year.

  5. Happy Birthday my sweeeeeet friend :) I hope you will be having great time with your family & specially a sweet mom of two lovely girls, you are enjoying the birthday more now!! great 40 :)


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