Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Easy Paper Craft - Origami Babushka / Matryoshka doll...

Guess what I got for my birthday present?

Weeks before my birthday the girls keep asking me question like...

"Mom, what your favorite color?  What your favorite food?"
What the best thing I get buy with RM 10?"
"Mom, where can I get a nice necklace under RM10?"
 and .... blal ..blah... blah...

And that's how I remember my birthday is getting close now!
No need to mark on the calendar anymore...

So, my answer is...very simple...(or maybe not too simple...)

"  Mom like something that is ...

#1  Cheap... less than a dollar will the the best!
#2  A DIY version will be the best
#3 Not harmful to the environment or health!
#4 Would not create a mess at home

and lastly... wouldn't cut or burn down the house when making it!

And ....guess what the girls came out for me...

The precious thing I ever seen...

A set of paper origami Babushaka / Matryoshka Doll

Absolutely adorable ...this is the second best present I received this year
 other than the paper origami dress I got from them on Mother's Day!
Check the link here for the paper dress tutorial.

The little paper dolls are so cute...
I'm too excited that I snapped the pictures before they even color it...

Check back tomorrow for the full tutorial by Jojo!




  1. These are quite miraculous! What a beautiful gift, and it meets all your criteria!

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