Thursday, November 1, 2012

Extend the 'life' of an outgrown dress....or

Do your kids have the 'over attached' to their favorite dress problem?
Yes, mine do!

Part 1 : Background

I bought Jojo and Mei Mei a few polyester "Princess Dresses"
years back when I visited Bangkok, Thailand.

Those dresses had been their favorites ever since.
One of the reason is the polyester material is definitely comfortable
to wear in the hot and humid weather we have here. 
(and of course...princess print!!!  Who don't wish to be a princess everyday?)

Since then, I can see them wearing it nearly every alternate day
or as soon as I washed and stored into their wardrobe.

Sometimes, I have to remind them to try other outfits as I don't
wish the 'outsiders' to misunderstood that I (the mom) didn't prepare the kidsothers new outfits.  
Or...just to prevent the questions like...
"Oh dear!...Did your mom have any other dress for you, little girl?"
"Didn't you just wore that the last time you visited here?"
"Is that the only dress your mom bought you, poor thing!"

Well, do you have this problem of
"Your kids are over attach to their favorite dress"
and you really need a way to 'solve' this crazy "obsession"?

Part 2 :  The Rule

Now, as those dress become 'smaller' and 'shorter'...
from a dress to a 'blouse'...and still the 'strong relationship' goes on....Urghhhhhhh!!!
(I have to asked the girls not to wear them when outings...only as housedress...or house blouse!)

Part 3 :  Review the situation

One thing about polyester garments...they don't really get faded...hairy...torn...easily...
other than 'shrunk' over the years...they still look quite new.

Part 4 :  The Opportunity

So, as the girls started outgrown them...Now, it's my chance to 'separate' them...
Of course... this is not easy...

Part 5 :  THE SOLUTION!!!

Keep their favorite dress close to them...
and just as useful as before...

This is what I did...

I turn those dresses into these  'huggies pillow'.

Part 5 :  The method
1.  Turn the dress inside out.

2.  Lay the dress flat at the side seam.

3.  Trim away the sleeve and the neckline.
I make the top a bit round at the corner so it would comfortable to hug.
(but..some kids love the corners...if you know what I mean...)

4.  I use the sewing machine to 'seal' the top opening
and the bottom opening as well... just leave about one inch to insert the cotton batting.

5.  The the dress right side out and insert the cotton batting.

6.  Seal the opening.  Done!

Part 6 :  The Happy Ending

Now, they bring this 'huggies' into the car when outings...
up to bed when sleeping...into the garden during tea breaks....
Yes, the 'strong relationship' goes on...
and even more love and care.  Like a new companion!
  But I don't mind...
as long as they started to 'accept' other new dresses for a change.

Problem solved!

So, that's what I did today!
What do you think?

Have a nice weekend!


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  1. What a great idea,PC! And I felt your frustration, this whole post made me laugh. Thank goodness you found the solution!

  2. That is a good idea! I don't have kids so I haven't had to go through anything like that but it seems you managed that really nicely. Some busy mums might just have gotten rid of the dresses when the girls weren't looking!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  3. Brilliant PC!! My girls are the same with favourite dresses! Perfect to make them into little huggie pillows that they can still keep with them everywhere!!

  4. what a great idea! well done :) i bet your girls are very happy now huh?


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