Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jojo and her 'shapes' assignment!

Last evening, Jojo 'bring' a last minutes assignment from school...


"Creatively combine 3D shapes into an item"

Honestly...I love 'handwork' and project require creativity and imagination...

but...one evening notice...Urghhh..... 

Do I have any problem?

Not really...but I just send a big batch of paper, carboard...etc to the recycle centre...

Why...whenever the trash bin in cleared????

What ever...

At last...Jojo made it...
(with a little help from me...I just love to participate in craft work project!)

We manage to clear out a shoe box, some bottle caps, 
cardboard and some biscuit wrapper...

Here it is...

No...it's not a house...
(someone in the class has taken this idea )

is not a building...
(mama don't have enough box of different shapes...:p)

is not a robot...

it's a.....


can you see the box from candles and
the little square one is the squash ball box.

the lens is a potatoes chip cylinder tube

The yellow cap is from the Marmite food spread cap.

Some more caps from yogurt drinks...



Yes.  It's a BIG camera!!!


Jojo, Mei Mei n PC


  1. JoJo and PC! That is SO COOL! A camera was a brilliant idea in the first place, and the way you put it together is so clever - it looks truly real. For a giant, I mean.

  2. that is absolutely amazing. It is so awesome to get kids to use their imaginations! Thanks so much for linking up with us at TALU. I hope you'll come back next Tuesday.

  3. LOL - can you tell I spend too much time on Pinterest ... I saw the pic/link on the #TALU and thought wow, that's cool, you can make your own camera? Looks like a fun project, and she looks proud of the final result. :)

  4. Brilliant!!! It looks perfect - what a great project!!
    We get lots of those 'night before' projects too - nothing like giving us a bit of time!! :)

  5. What a great project. She definitely looks comfortable with a it. I think she is a budding photographer. (Stops by via TALU)

  6. This is awesome dear PC..Love it :)


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