Monday, February 25, 2013

School's bento updates

Hi!  It have been almost 2 months since
the girls went back to school.

And about my 'school's bento' project?
Yup!  It's still going strong!

Never miss a day yet!  Yeah!

Mei Mei and Jojo got themselves a new bento box.
I know...I promise myself not to buy them any new lunch box since I already
have dozens in my shelves...but these two are too cute to miss.

I got these two for about RM5 (USD1.60)
both is double layers.

The first day back to school after Chinese New Year break.
Well, I'm too busy to cook up the bento,
so, I headed to the local wet market early in the morning
to grab some local Malay's morning snack for today bento.

And here is want I got...

Bread wrapped sausage and cheese
Roti Jala wrapped curry potato
Steam chocolate cake
Custard puff

Each for RM0.30 (USD 0.10)

Jojo always have bigger appetite than Mei Mei...
So, I make some sushi rice balls with some crab filaments and omelette.

So, here is today's bento

Thanks for drop by, my dear.


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