Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tying the knot on Valentine's Day

After years of 'searching' and 'choosing'...
my dear only little sis is finally
making that 'important' choice of life...
to end her single life...
and start to share her future life adventure...
with her 5 years old boyfriend...who actually her ex-school mate during high school.

Over year of searching high and low
up and down...
who knows?  Mr. Right is actually just beside her...
and he's there beside her since the very beginning!

I guess other than the new couple, my papa and mama are just as happy and 'relieved'
to know their daughter is finally in 'a good hand'.

In Malaysia, all couples who intend to get marry need to go to
a certified marriage registrar for Registration of Marriage.

After that, they will proceed to the wedding ceremony  as per
their family tradition.  For Chinese like us there will be
tea drinking ceremony and a big dinner to invite all the relatives and friends!

Now, here is the new couple...
A new beginning...on Valentine's day!

Like the sky, like winds, and like sweet flowing waters
may your love always continue to exist. 
Dear sis, wish you a very happy married life.




  1. Beautiful! Your sister looks so happy, and your parents are just lovely! I love stories that end with a return to the familiar past.

  2. Mis felicitaciones para la feliz pareja.

  3. How beautiful! Congratulations to your gorgeous sister!

  4. What a beautiful post..I love the young couple & the seniors perfect they seem to each other..lovely..
    May God bless your family with lots of happiness.


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