Saturday, May 11, 2013

MeiJo's 10 Top Rated Bento : Feb ~ April 2013

Our 'judges' have listed their favorite bentos for Feb~April.
Here they are in random order!

(p/s : Mom need to take note that these bento sets
should be prepared at least 2 times within a month!)

Layered mini pancakes with chocolate and peanuts butter.
Stir fried nuggets in sweet n sour sauce served with nori and rice.

Sushi rice balls in animal shapes.
(Mom take note : try to make smiling faces if possible!)


Fried rice in bear shape.
(Mom take note : Please improve the 'eyes' please!)

Super soft honey pancakes
(Mom take note :  These are the best and softest pancake ever...
Please make sure you able to remake the same quality!)

Almost look and taste like store bought sushi
(Mom take note : Please remember how the chef at the Sushi bar make it...)

Cookies cutter bread pieces...
(Mom take note :  Can we have other shapes like alphabets so
I can spell words and eat them at the same time?)

(Comment for Mom :  My class teacher saw me having this bento at the canteen today,
she said you are a A+ mom, but she didn't sign any star on the bento box!)

Ring Doughnut stuffed with blackcurrant jam and chocolate sauce.
(Mom take note :  These are too sweet mom, but I like it)

Tomatoes rice with crab filament, stir fried meat and egg.
(Comment for mom :  My favorite, please double up the size next time - Jojo)

 (Comments for Mom : My friends and I have some tough time
discussing about this one...What animal is this, mom? A chick or a puppy?
Anyway, more chocolate chips please!)

That's how I score for Feb ~ April's bento.

Oh dear!  What's next in May?

See you again and thanks for drop by.

Love and hugs

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  1. Ha! So many cute bentos, and so much critical judging. Every one looks pretty delish, my favorite is the bear faces.

  2. Each set is tempting, kids can't resist ! Even I'm drooling now.


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