Friday, May 17, 2013

Not as easy as it looks...Near failed... heart sausage sunny side up!

How hard can it be to make a sunny side up egg
and a sausage for breakfast?

Well, I nearly failed it!
No, I'm not kidding the picture Jojo me that kidding me...
It's "MISLEAD" me that it easy enough for kids to make it!

This is the one I'm talking about...
A sunny side up framed with heart shaped sausage.

It don't have any instruction...
So, I "assume" that it should be slice the sausage in half,
leave a bit uncut at one end...bead it around and 'pinned' with a toothpick...
placed into the pan and crack an egg into the hollow heart shape, right?

NO and Nope!  The sausage got 'split' at the uncut 'end' and even I pinned
both ends with 'toothpick's it still not staying in the right shape and got 'tilted' too!
(I know, how can I describe a 'process' that easy into a DISASTER?)

And the helpful tips from the the sausage that's more softer
so it would shape easily...Oh dear, I bought my sausages from frozen dept!!!

Anyway, with my lack of patience and experience (luckily Jojo and Mei Mei
were beside me, they so look forward for the result...if not...I could have
swallow those sausages raw!) I get a little help with a tools.

A round easy fried mold
Yup...that's save all the toothpicks and the tilted problem.
How you like that...make a heart shape from a round mold!

...and it's works!  Easy Peasy!
(this one...I cut the sausage into quaters...4 long strips
so the egg is kind of 'overflowed'  Mei Mei prefers less sausage!)

(This is not a sunny side up...Jojo prefers the yolk to be fully done!)

Well, as long it works and they finished their breakfast...

Have a nice day, dear!


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  1. Wow... great job PC! I love looking at pictures of children's food all done up to look pretty. I wish someday, I'd have the patience to be as creative :D


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