Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trash to Treasure - Slap roll wristband to Glamorous sock bun wrap around!

Hi!  I'm back!

Yes, life is busy here, and I believe yours  too!
It have been months I let this blog ‘cooled'...
and now it that to 'pay back'!

This is today project

Mei Mei and Jojo had just finished cleaning their rooms and bunch of
toys were thrown out.

And this is one of them.

A slap on wristband which they got from a shopping fair sometimes ago.
Actually the wristband came with a watch...and it was broken.

Now...what can you do with a slap wristband.
Yes, as a curtain tie would be very convenient.
Have you tried it, you should, it really works very well!

But I already have them...So, let make something for myself this time.

First, lay the band straight and stick some double side tape on both side.

Cut some ribbon and stick it onto the sticky tape...on both side of the wristband.

Use a glue gun to stick on some rhinestones, fabric flowers, ribbon...
 and whatever I've in my stash.

Now, voila!

What do you think?

Ok, see you again...very soon...I promise.

Now, gotta go back to the chores... clean, mop, wash, dry, cook..........

love always,


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  1. Hi there! Glad to see you're back with more crafties, and love the new look. I had one of those straps too!!! Now I just have to dig it up. Great idea!

  2. That's so fun, P.C.! Great way to upcycle those slap bands - I love how easy it is. Beautiful photo, too. I'm happy to see you back here having creative adventures!

  3. very cute, I have a couple of those left somewhere

  4. I love this idea PC! Can't wait to show it to my girls. They will love it!

  5. Wow really cool idea nice to see this posts and i like cheap wristbands
    Thanks for sharing it article.....!

  6. Oh wow, lovely bracelet i like to see these one! thanks for sharing! cheap wristbands


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