Friday, September 4, 2015

How to keep your cabbage fresh and crunchy for months without fridge!

I love to prepare veggies for dinner.
And weather in fresh market or shopping mall
veggies is always cheaper when you bought in whole or per package quantity.

My family love veggies...but we certainly unable to
finish on whole cabbage in a day.

And when I stored the leftover cabbage in fridge.... it always turn 'soft' and 'sleepy'!

So, this is my solution
In this way, some say by this method, the cabbage can last for 3 months...
I'm not sure about that...but I'm certainly sure it would last for 1 month...because mine did!!!!

What you need to do is clear away few outer layer leaves, and let the stem exposed.
Dip the stem in water.  The roots will started to grow is day 2...make sure
you change the water everyday.  I use mineral water.



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