Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Must do back to school tools - ..Drinking bottle + Sharpener

As a mom, I always have to choose between..

A) A clean house
B) Happy kids

And of course... I believe (B) is a a better choice.
But I can't stand 'messy' house.

So...today...while the little one is doing her favourite pass time activity...coloring

Yes...the little girl understand how her mom would react when seeing
the sharpener waste 'fly' and ' landed' on the freshly mopped floor.
She really did try very hard by holding the sharpening 'inside' the rubbish bin.

Poor thing...she more concentrate in the sharpening process then enjoying the coloring process.

So... something suddenly comes into my mind....

I'm too busy to write down the tutorial...(need to do cleaning....)
hope the pictures flow above helps.

Have a nice day!

PC & Mei Mei

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