Friday, August 21, 2015

Tutorial - Easy Kids Craft - "Tie" Sponge Cat / Bear?

Evey Wednesday, Mei Mei's school have art class.

This morning, her teacher asked the class to bring a list of material to for the art class...

Some rubber bands
A ractangular sponge of any color
some ribbon or lace,
buttons, stickers, anything for decoration
She ran through my stash and took whatever
that interest her.

So, this is what she bought back from school.

It's a 'tie' bear!
(Oops...sorry..Mei Mei said this is Hello Kitty!)
The material are simple and 
easy to make too...
but the result is quite impressive I would say.

According to Mei Mei...some of the students
make 'bear', 'dog', 'monster', 'tiger'...instead of cat.

The 'ears' of the kitty are made by tying the rubber band on both corner of the sponge.

After that, creat a 'neckline' by simply wrap a rubber band around the middle of the sponge

This is how the 'kitty' looks from the back

And you make decorate it as you wish with your imagination.

I think this is a very fun craft project for little one
It's fun, easy and full of possibility.

Thanks for drop by.


PC * Mei Mei * Jojo


  1. Hola es muy bonito el trabajo con la esponja
    Muchos besos

  2. That is such a brilliant and simple craft!! Thanks for sharing!


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