Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mommy's Day Out

Remember that hilarious old movie Baby’s Day Out where a cute little baby is kidnapped and ends up running (or should I say crawling) in the big city? That movie always made me laugh until I cried. Anyway, like a baby who is always restricted by daily routine (eat, sleep and poo poo), a  mother’s life can often turn into a monotonous and often endless list of routine.
Me (in black) with my best friends for a little birthday celebration

That’s why my friends and I try to meet up once a month, to get together, have a chat, catch up on old times and just take a well deserved break. Here are some tips on how to have a simple yet fun time.
  1. Pick a day, any day
    • We usually pick the date early in the month. Easier to list down the dates that we can’t go first and work around that. We usually choose a weekday because weekends are family time. Fridays are the best because of the long lunch hour (just in case some of us are unable to get a day off).
  2. Choose somewhere accessible to all
    • Decide on a place that is familiar and won’t involve people getting lost or fumbling for directions.
  3. Don’t plan too many activities
    • Eventhough the chance of meeting up with friends doesn’t happen very often, it is not a good idea to cram too many activities in one shot. Lunch (definitely), movie, window-shopping, spa visit, bowling (just not all at the same time). Unless of course you decide to make a whole day of it.
  4. Be very flexible
    • Most of the time my friends and I just spend a relaxing time chatting over lunch. With so many stories to swap, we usually don’t get around to doing anything else.
  5. Clear your schedule, you deserve it
    • Try not to spend the time feeling guilty of worrying about the kids, or the office or other things. Think of it as a treat. A little pick-me-up to give a little boost to your routine.
Would love to hear what your Mommy’s Day Out are like. 

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