Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My journey into frugal life...there's still lots to learn...

Hi! Again.   This afternoon as I was cleaning and housekeeping my kitchen...I came across few items that gave me a new thought (Yes, I enjoy housekeeping, it make my mind relax... I always get inspiration about new projects when going through my mess..yes..I am weird too, I know! :) )

So, back to the kitchen...At first, I was cleaning a lower shelf and I see this..

I remember I got these stainless steel covered glass jar during I move in my current house.  I got it during a sale at a Carrefour.  It was offer price three for RM19.90.  I liked so much and I think it was a good bargain, I even thought of buying second set but the offer was ended when I made my second visit there.  It was RM29.90 again.  I am a very 'frugal' person...I think I will wait for the offer again.

The next shelf I cleaned, I saw some glass jars again, those are the one I bought from TESCO recently...The height of the jar is about the same as the one I bought earlier and came with stainless steel lids too... I bought 4 of them because the price was RM5.90 much cheaper than the first set.  Am I a good frugal mom or what?

So, happy with the choice I made...I continue to housekeeping all the shelves in the kitchen...I also came across some smaller size bottles I salvage from jem bottle, honey...etc.  They all look cute and nice...hmm I was thinking I am getting good in saving $ ...

Wait.. the story is not ended yet... and no.. it's not a 'happy' ending one too!  Why....  Because after that, I was taking out the PVC water bottles I kept for some times to send to the recycle centre .......

And looking at those big transparent PVC bottles remind me some repurposing ideas I saw in the net before this... so I cut off the top part of the PVC bottles, and see if I can repurposing them in a useful manner..... then it ended up.........

  Now... I feel kind of stupid ... RM19.90 for 3.... RM5.90 for 1......RM0 for as many as you wish.....@_@"
Hmm... I really need to be smarter to call myself a frugal mom!!!  :(   

So, do you ever spend $ on some things that you thought it's the best choice and later it turn out to be like this... haha!  Just sharing my experience.  Well, we all learn from our mistakes, right?

Love, PC

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  1. Meijo, I'm not great at this myself - you aren't alone. But my sister-in-law is a good example for me, whenever she buys items in glass she reuses the glass for leftovers instead of buying plastic. I don't do that too much, but I try to save them to give gifts in. Following you, too, now! ~Lori


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