Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To cook or 'Ta Pao'? - a housewife in Malaysia.

Hi, again.

Today, I would like to share with you, a part of a housewife life in Malaysia...preparing meals for the family...but don't be too excited, I am not sharing any interesting recipe..

To be honest...I'm not a good cook ( I do enjoy cooking and baking...but I just not good enough...the success rate of my cooking is about 60% = can eat..wouldn't fall sick...10% = good (by luck...may not taste the same on second try..)  The only best dish I have good success history is have to be making soup, frying some noodles, steaming chicken and some simple dessert).  

Well, every night before bed... I will go through my fridge and dry grocery to see what to prepare for the next day breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner..  (This is another 'dilemma'...I don't know why I keep doing this ..I worried when my fridge is getting empty...and..I can't wait to clear my fridge when they look full!)
So, today...I decide not to cook and I have a very good excuse..Jojo and Mei Mei are going to have their first half yearly examination in the next few weeks...I would rather spend more time revising their homework that making 60% successful rate dish in the kitchen!

Well,  'not cooking' may not means eating out... In Malaysia, we have a lot of those food stall which help 'busy and not good at cooking mom' like me.  These food stall are call 'Economy Rice Stall' locally..mind the name.. economy...not all is's depends on what food you buy. 


Economy Rice Stall is a stall selling varieties type of dishes.  They cook in a large quantities and the customer can choose, pick and mix themselves.  In Malaysia, especially Chinese family like mine, we prefer to eat rice and serve with these dishes for lunch and dinner.  The stall also serve white can have your meal there or take-away.  Normally, I would buy home a few dishes (one or two dishes for each family member favourite)  and cook the rice myself (I can have brown rice instead of white, much healthier choice!)

Actually, if you have small family like me, it's much frugal to buy ready cook dish like this than buy fresh vege and meat from the market and cook it yourself.   

There...lunch and dinner DONE!

Love, PC


  1. 'if you have small family like me, it's much frugal to buy ready cook dish like this than buy fresh vege and meat from the market and cook it yourself' --> I totally agree. Before we had our daughter and it was just me and my husband, we eat out or take out most of the time. It just takes too much time to cook and since we both work, it wasn't worth the effort to cook a little for just 2 people... and then do it again the following day :)

  2. @Janelle

    Thanks for the comment. So honor to have you follow my blog. Love PC.


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